2004, July Flood Peak Table

Summary of historical flood peaks and peaks from the July 12-14, 2004, flood event at USGS sites
Station numberStation nameDrainage area (mi2)Discharge (ft3/s)Discharge (ft3/s/mi2)Gage height (ft)TimeDate of peakRemarksRecurrence interval (years)
1405400MANALAPAN BROOK AT SPOTSWOOD NJ40.72706.618.51307/14/2004Storm peak<2
   1,70041.820.5 9/20/1989Historic peak of record25
1408000MANASQUAN RIVER AT SQUANKUM NJ4445910.44.819007/13/2004Storm peak<2
   2,94066.812.45 9/21/1938Historic peak of record>100
1409400MULLICA RIVER NEAR BATSTO NJ651392.11.752307/15/2004Storm peak<2
   1,84028.36.14 2/26/1979Historic peak of record75
1409500BATSTO RIVER AT BATSTO NJ67.81,03015.27.157157/14/2004Storm peak10
   2,00029.58.7 8/20/1939Historic peak of record>100
1411000GREAT EGG HARBOR RIVER AT FOLSOM NJ57.1841.53.982157/16/2004Storm peak<2
   1,44025.29.09 9/3/1940Historic peak of record>100
1412800COHANSEY RIVER AT SEELEY NJ2829610.65.053157/13/2004Storm peak<2
   10,000357.18.5 6/21/1983Historic peak of record>100
1464500CROSSWICKS CREEK AT EXTONVILLE NJ81.51,28015.79.2520007/13/2004Storm peak<2
   4,86059.614.18 9/1/1978Historic peak of record40
1465850SB RANCOCAS C AT VINCENTOWN NJ64.54,10063.612.348157/13/2004New peak of record >100
   1,32020.57.98 8/28/1978Previous peak of record20
1466500MCDONALDS BRANCH IN LEBANON STATE FOREST NJ2.353514.92.33157/13/2004Tied peak of record 50
   3514.92.33 8/25/1958Historic peak of record50
1466900GREENWOOD B AT NEW LISBON NJ77.91,280 8.9123307/13/2004New peak stage of record ##
   1,31016.87.78 5/11/1998Previous peak of record##
1467000NORTH BRANCH RANCOCAS CREEK AT PEMBERTON NJ1182,05017.44.23007/14/2004New peak flow 90
   1,73014.74.23 8/21/1939Historic peak of record30
1467150COOPER RIVER AT HADDONFIELD NJ175,000*294*6.27 7/13/2004New peak of record >100
   3,300194.15.46 8/28/1971Previous peak of record90
1467081SOUTH BRANCH PENNSAUKEN CREEK AT CHERRY HILL NJ8.981,560173.711.75 7/13/2004New peak of record 100
   1,505167.611.63 7/4/1994Previous peak of record100
1467180NORTH BRANCH COOPER RIVER AT ELLISBERG NJ10.51,300 7.63 7/12/2004New peak of record 80
   1,000 6.65 8/28/1971Previous peak of record 
1475000MANTUA CREEK AT PITMAN NJ6.057612.611.57#21007/12/2004Storm peak<2
   4,200694.26.64 9/1/1940Historic peak of record>100
1411720RACCOON CREEK NEAR SWEDESBORO NJ26.98138.8121007/12/2004Storm peak<2
   3,530131.217.44 8/10/1967Historic peak of record75
* Peak flow estimated. Peak stage exceeded the stage/discharge rating. # Different gage datum than historical peak. ## Flood frequency was not determined for these peaks because of the short period of record.