2004, September 18-19 Flood Peak Table

Summary of flood peaks at U.S. Geological Survey gaging stations during September 18-19, 2004.
Station numberStation nameDrainage area (mi2)Peak discharge (ft3/s)Peak discharge (ft3/s/mi2)Peak gage height (feet)Time (hours)Date of peak dischargeRemarksRecurrence interval (years)
1434000DELAWARE RIVER AT PORT JERVIS, NY3,070151,00049.219.5117159/18/2004Storm peakna
   233,00075.923.91 8/19/1955Historic peak of recordna
1438500DELAWARE RIVER AT MONTAGUE, NJ3,480168,00048.328.3923159/18/2004Storm peak50
   250,00071.835.15 8/19/1955Historic peak of record>100
1440200DELAWARE RIVER AT DELAWARE WATER GAP, NJ3,850176,00045.730.328459/19/2004Storm peak50
   260,00067.537.4 8/19/1955Historic peak of record>100
1446500DELAWARE RIVER AT BELVIDERE, NJ4,540184,00040.524.839159/19/2004Storm peak70
   273,00060.130.21 8/19/1955Historic peak of record>100
1457500DELAWARE R AT RIEGELSVILLE, NJ6,330216,00034.130.9511159/19/2004Storm peak70
   340,00053.738.85 8/19/1955Historic peak of record>100
1463500DELAWARE RIVER AT TRENTON, NJ6,780201,00029.623.3920459/19/2004Storm peak40
   329,00048.528.6 8/20/1955Historic peak of record>100
* River mile is the channel mileage measured from Delaware Bay at the Cape Henlopen/Cape May bay entrance. na: Not available