2005, April 2-4 Flood Peak Table

Station numberStation nameDrainage area (mi2)Peak discharge (ft3/s)Peak discharge (ft3/s/mi2)Peak gage- height (feet)Time (hours)Date of peak dischargeRemarksRecurrence interval (years)
Delaware River Basin Gages         
1438500DELAWARE RIVER AT MONTAGUE, NJ3,480206,00059.231.6916004/3/2005Flood peak80
   250,00071.835.15 8/19/1955Historic peak of record>100
1440000FLAT BROOK NEAR FLATBROOKVILLE, NJ642,89045.27.276154/3/2005Flood peak8
   9,560149.412.58 8/19/1955Historic peak of record>100
1440200DELAWARE RIVER AT DELAWARE WATER GAP, NJ3,850215,00055.833.2523004/3/2005Flood peak80
   260,00067.537.4 8/19/1955Historic peak of record>100
1443500PAULINS KILL AT BLAIRSTOWN, NJ1263,55028.27.387154/3/2005Flood peak18
   8,75069.411.12 8/19/1955Historic peak of record>100
1445500PEQUEST RIVER AT PEQUEST, NJ1061,52014.35.095004/3/2005Flood peak8
   2,13020.15.97 1/25/1979Historic peak of record>100
1446500DELAWARE RIVER AT BELVIDERE, NJ4,540223,00049.127.243154/4/2005Flood peak>100
   273,00060.130.21 8/19/1955Historic peak of record>100
1457000MUSCONETCONG RIVER NEAR BLOOMSBURY, NJ1413,48024.76.253454/3/2005Flood peak8
   7,20051.18.5 1/25/1979Historic peak of record80
1457500DELAWARE R AT RIEGELSVILLE, NJ6,330262,00041.434.077004/4/2005Flood peak>100
   340,00053.738.85 8/19/1955Historic peak of record>100
1463500DELAWARE RIVER AT TRENTON, NJ6,780242,00035.725.3314304/4/2005Flood peak100
   329,00048.528.6 8/20/1955Historic peak of record>100
1464000ASSUNPINK CREEK AT TRENTON, NJ90.61,67018.48.6222304/2/2005Flood peak3
   5,45060.214.61 7/21/1975Historic peak of record>100
Delaware River Basin Gages         
1379000PASSAIC RIVER NEAR MILLINGTON, NJ55.4995187.8911154/3/2005Flood peak3
   2,29041.39.89 10/20/1996Historic peak of record80
1379500PASSAIC RIVER NEAR CHATHAM, NJ1001,22012.26.031454/4/2005Flood peak<2
   3,38033.89.36 8/2/1973Historic peak of record>100
1379773GREEN POND BROOK AT PICATINNY ARSENAL, NJ7.6520126.33.0421004/2/2005Flood peak<2
   33343.53.51 4/5/1984Historic peak of record30
1380500ROCKAWAY RIVER ABOVE RESERVOIR AT BOONTON, NJ1163,600316.311304/3/2005Flood peak9
   5,59048.27.23 4/5/1984Historic peak of record40
1381900PASSAIC RIVER AT PINE BROOK, NJ3494,62013.220.722454/4/2005Flood peak6
   8,00022.922.9 4/7/1984Historic peak of record90
1383500WANAQUE RIVER AT AWOSTING, NJ27.11,50055.45.218304/3/2005Flood peak20
   2,800103.36.65 4/5/1984Historic peak of record80
1388500POMPTON RIVER AT POMPTON PLAINS, NJ35515,00042.320.4216304/3/2005Flood peak20
   28,30079.714.30 10/10/2003Historic peak of record>100
1389500PASSAIC RIVER AT LITTLE FALLS, NJ76212,40016.310.2721154/4/2005Flood peak10
   31,70041.612.91 10/10/2003Historic peak of record>100
Southern New Jersey, Coastal Plain Gages         
1405400MANALAPAN BROOK AT SPOTSWOOD, NJ40.73378.318.592304/4/2005Flood peak<2
   1,70041.820.5 9/20/1989Historic peak of record25
1408000MANASQUAN RIVER AT SQUANKUM, NJ4465314.85.865454/3/2005Flood peak<2
   2,94066.812.45 9/21/1938Historic peak of record>100
1409400MULLICA RIVER NEAR BATSTO, NJ653956.13.4319454/3/2005Flood peak<2
   1,84028.36.14 2/26/1979Historic peak of record75
1411000GREAT EGG HARBOR RIVER AT FOLSOM, NJ57.13486.15.5423454/4/2005Flood peak3
   1,44025.29.09 9/3/1940Historic peak of record>100
1464500CROSSWICKS CREEK AT EXTONVILLE, NJ81.595111.78.2415154/3/2005Flood peak<2
   4,86059.614.18 9/1/1978Historic peak of record40
1465850SOUTH BRANCH RANCOCAS C AT VINCENTOWN, NJ64.587013.56.943454/3/2005Flood peak3
   4,16064.512.34 7/13/2004Historic peak of record>100
1466500MCDONALDS BRANCH IN BYRNE STATE FOREST, NJ2.356.22.61.6515304/3/2005Flood peak<2
   3816.22.33 7/13/2004Historic peak of record50
1467000NORTH BRANCH RANCOCAS CREEK AT PEMBERTON, NJ1185834.92.431004/4/2005Flood peak<2
   2,04017.34.19 7/14/2004Historic peak of record60
1467150COOPER RIVER AT HADDONFIELD, NJ1779846.93.2921004/2/2005Flood peak3
   3,300194.16.27 7/13/2004Historic peak of record>100
1477120RACCOON CREEK NEAR SWEDESBORO, NJ26.989333.213.7723154/2/2005Flood peak3
   3,530131.217.44 8/10/1967Historic peak of record75
* River mile is the channel mileage measured from Delaware Bay at the Cape Henlopen/Cape May bay entrance. † Datum of peak gage height has changed since 1903.