2017 Known and Probable Grizzly Bear Mortalities in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Data are preliminary and subject to change. Release of information will be limited for mortalities under investigation.
CountUniqueSexAge classKnown Mortality DateLocationDemographic Monitoring AreaLoss  
11201711MYearling7/15/2017Gallatin River, US191-MTInsideKnown, human-caused, road kill.   
10201710MAdult7/9/2017West Goosewing Crk, BTNF-WYInsideKnown, human-caused, management capture and removal for cattle depredations.  
9201709MAdultSpring 2017Yellowstone River, MTInsideKnown, undetermined cause, found along bank of Yellowstone River, likley died during late winter or early spring 2017.  
8201708FAdult5/4/2017Alum Crk, YNPInsideKnown, natural, radio-marked female died between 4/29 and 5/10, specific mechanism of mortality unknown.   
7201707MSubadult5/26/2017Wiggins Fork, SNF-WYInsideKnown, human-caused, road kill.   
6201706  2017WYInsideKnown, under investigation.  
5201705  2017MTInsideKnown, under investigation.  
4201704  2017WYInsideKnown, under investigation.  
3201703MAdult4/25/2017Yellowstone River, US89-MTInsideKnown, human-caused, road kill on US89.  
2201702MSubadult4/12/2017Dell Crk, PR-WYInsideKnown, human-caused, management capture and removal for property damage, entering structures and obtaining food rewards.  
1201701MAdult3/24/2017Greybull River, PR-WYOutsideKnown, human-caused, management capture and removal for livestock depredation.  
Known mortality - a carcass is in hand; Probable mortality - evidence strongly suggests a mortality has occurred but no carcass is recovered. Abbreviations: BOR = Bureau of Reclamation; BLM = Bureau of Land Management; BTNF = Bridger-Teton National Forest; COY = cub-of-the-year; CTNF = Caribou-Targhee National Forest; GNF = Gallatin National Forest; GTNP = Grand Teton National Park; IDFG = Idaho Fish and Game; MTFWP = Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks; PR = private land; ST= state owned land; SNF = Shoshone National Forest; UNK = Unknown; WRIR = Wind River Indian Reservation; WYGF = Wyoming Game and Fish; YNP = Yellowstone National Park.