3DEP - FY15 BAA Project List

3DEP - FY15 BAA Project List
StatePrimary OfferorProject Size (Square Miles)Quality LevelContracting MechanismProposed Acquisition WindowActual Acquisition WindowData available in The National Map
ALAlabama Geographic Information Program Office2915QL2GPSCSpring 2015  
AKMunicipality of Anchorage765QL2Cooperative AgreementApril - Oct. 2015  
AZPima Association of Governments2205QL2Cooperative AgreementSpring 2015  
ARNorthwest Arkansas Regional Planning Commission1015QL2GPSCFall/Winter 2015-16  
CACounty of Los Angeles4215QL2Cooperative AgreementFall/Winter 2015-16  
COState of Colorado, Governor's Office of Information Technology3335QL1/QL2GPSCFall/Winter 2015-16  
FLMartin County Florida Board of County Commissioners545QL2Cooperative AgreementSpring 2015  
FLOsceola County Office of Emergency Management1535QL2GPSCSpring 2015  
FLSuwannee River Water Management District1525QL2Cooperative AgreementSpring 2015  
KSKansas Department of Agriculture9515QL2Cooperative AgreementSpring 2015  
LALouisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority3805QL2GPSCFall/Winter 2015-16  
MEMaine Geolibrary2880QL2GPSCSpring 2015  
MAMassachusetts Office of Geographic Information3090QL1/QL2GPSCSpring 2015  
MIGratiot County Board of Commisioners;Gratiot County Drain Commission570QL2GPSCSpring 2015  
MSMississippi USDA - NRCS10365QL2GPSCSpring 2015  
MOCounty of Boone750QL2Cooperative AgreementSpring 2015  
NEState of NE, NE Information Technology Commission GIS Council4485QL2GPSCFall/Winter 2015-16  
NHNH Geological Survey2830QL2GPSCFall/Winter 2015-16  
NJDelaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (PA,NJ); QSI3035*QL2GPSCSpring 2015  
NMNM Department of Information Technology, NM Geospatial Advisory Committee3865QL2GPSCFall/Winter 2015-16  
NYNY State Office of Information Technology Services, GIS Program Office1840QL2Cooperative AgreementFall/Winter 2015-16  
OROregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI)4805QL1/QL2Cooperative AgreementApril - Oct. 2015  
PADelaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (PA,NJ); QSI3035*QL2GPSCSpring 2015  
PRCommonwealth of Puerto Rico Planning Board1795QL2GPSCFall/Winter 2015-16  
TNState of Tennessee, Department of Finance and Administration11910QL2GPSCSpring 2015  
VTVermont Center for Geographic Information; VT lidar Initiative780QL2GPSCFall/Winter 2015-16  
VAVirginia Department of Environmental Quality; University of Virginia1190QL2GPSCSpring 2015  
WILincoln County Land Services905QL2GPSCSpring 2015  
WIOneida County Land Information (Oneida and Vilas Counties)2250QL2Purchase Order2014  
WIWisconsin Coastal Management Program2525QL2Cooperative AgreementSpring 2015