April 18, 2007 Flood Peak Table

Summary of flood peaks at U.S. Geological Survey gaging stations during April 16-18, 2007. Updated May 8, 2007.
Station numberStation nameDrainage Area (mi2)Peak Discharge (ft3/s)Peak Discharge (ft3/s/mi2)Peak Gage Height (feet)Time (hours)Date of peak dischargeRemarksRecurrence interval (Years)
Hudson River Basin         
01367800PAPAKATING CREEK AT PELLETTOWN NJ15.80121076.68.5000304/16/2007New Peak of Record#
   96561.18.24 9/18/2004Historic peak of record#
Hackensack River Basin         
01376800HACKENSACK RIVER AT WEST NYACK NY30.71,74056.711.500304/16/2007New Peak of Record30
   1,74056.711.21 9/16/1999Previous peak of record30
01377000HACKENSACK RIVER AT RIVERVALE NJ58.04,62079.712.1904154/16/2007New Peak of Record> 100
   2,53043.68.08 5/17/1989Historic peak of record10
01377370PASCACK BROOK AT PARK RIDGE NJ13.42,450182.86.0300024/16/2007New Peak of Record#
   2,190163.45.84 7/18/2005Historic peak of record#
01377500PASCACK BROOK AT WESTWOOD NJ29.63,260110.17.3604004/16/2007Third highest peak40
   9,630325.312.22 9/16/1999Historic peak of record> 100
01378500HACKENSACK RIVER AT NEW MILFORD NJ113.012,500110.612.43 4/17/2007New Peak of Record> 100
   9,76086.411.45 9/17/1999Historic peak of record> 100
Passaic River Basin         
01379000PASSAIC RIVER NEAR MILLINGTON NJ55.41,87033.89.3502154/17/2007Third highest peak30
   2,29041.39.89 10/20/1996Historic peak of record80
01379500PASSAIC RIVER NEAR CHATHAM NJ100.02,11021.17.4502004/17/2007Storm peak20
   3,38033.89.36 8/2/1973Historic peak of record> 100
01379773GREEN POND BROOK AT PICATINNY ARSENAL NJ7.719024.82.9904304/16/2007Storm peak6
   33343.53.51 4/5/1984Historic peak of record30
01380500ROCKAWAY RIVER ABOVE RESERVOIR AT BOONTON NJ116.04,17035.96.6911154/16/2007Storm peak15
   5,59048.27.23 4/5/1984Historic peak of record40
01381000ROCKAWAY RIVER BELOW RESERVOIR AT BOONTON NJ119.04,20035.38.0912304/16/2007Storm peakNC
   7,56063.5*8.3 10/10/1903Historic peak of recordNC
01381500WHIPPANY RIVER AT MORRISTOWN NJ29.41,62055.16.7923304/15/2007Storm peak10
   2,80095.28.6 9/28/1971Historic peak of record95
01381800WHIPPANY RIVER NEAR PINE BROOK NJ68.52,85041.610.0922004/17/2007New Peak of Record#
   2,08030.49.22 10/20/1996Historic peak of record#
Passaic River Basin--continued         
01381900PASSAIC RIVER AT PINE BROOK NJ349.07,10020.322.3201004/18/2007Storm peak50
   8,00022.922.9 4/7/1984Historic peak of record90
01382500PEQUANNOCK RIVER AT MACOPIN INTAKE DAM NJ63.72,01031.66.3812004/16/2007Storm peakNC
   6,10095.8*17.40 10/10/1903Historic peak of recordNC
01383500WANAQUE RIVER AT AWOSTING NJ27.11,11041.05.0217004/16/2007Storm peak8
   2,800103.36.65 4/5/1984Historic peak of record76
01384500RINGWOOD CREEK NEAR WANAQUE NJ19.11,11058.113.1600154/16/2007Storm peak20
   2,300120.413.92 9/16/1999Historic peak of record> 100
01386000WEST BROOK NEAR WANAQUE NJ11.893779.44.4119304/15/2007Storm peak8
   1,900161.06.60 3/30/1951Historic peak of record90
01387000WANAQUE RIVER AT WANAQUE NJ90.42,27025.16.8005154/17/2007Storm peakNC
   10,500116.210.82 4/5/1984Historic peak of recordNC
01387450MAHWAH RIVER NEAR SUFFERN NY12.391574.47.0001154/16/2007Storm peak7
   1,840149.69.91 11/8/1977Historic peak of record40
01387500RAMAPO RIVER NEAR MAHWAH NJ120.08,87073.910.9908454/16/2007Storm peak20
   15,500129.213.35 4/5/1984Historic peak of record90
01388000RAMAPO RIVER AT POMPTON LAKES NJ160.09,93062.116.9912154/16/2007Storm peak20
   15,40096.321.6 4/5/1984Historic peak of record70
01388500POMPTON RIVER AT POMPTON PLAINS NJ355.018,00050.721.7218004/16/2007Storm peak30
   28,30079.7*14.3 10/10/1903Historic peak of record> 100
01389500PASSAIC RIVER AT LITTLE FALLS NJ762.015,80020.711.8801454/18/2007Storm peak30
   31,70041.6-- 10/10/1903Historic peak of record> 100
01391000HOHOKUS BROOK AT HO-HO-KUS NJ16.43,180193.95.3323004/15/2007Storm peak25
   4,670284.87.32 9/16/1999Historic peak of record90
01391500SADDLE RIVER AT LODI NJ24.04,470186.312.308004/16/2007Storm peak35
   5,330222.113.94 9/17/1999Historic peak of record98
01392170THIRD RIVER AT BLOOMFIELD NJ7.71,590206.27.7622304/15/2007Storm peak20
   2,670346.39.97 9/16/1999Historic peak of record>100
Elizabeth River Basin         
01393450ELIZABETH RIVER AT URSINO LAKE AT ELIZABETH NJ16.92,930173.420.7023154/15/2007Storm peak9
   4,510266.925.77 9/16/1999Historic peak of record>100
Rahway River Basin         
01394500RAHWAY RIVER NEAR SPRINGFIELD NJ25.54,690183.99.3523304/15/2007Third Highest peak55
   7,990313.310.67 9/16/1999Historic peak of record>100
01395000RAHWAY RIVER AT RAHWAY NJ40.94,910120.08.91 4/16/2007Second Highest peak55
   5,590136.79.60 9/17/1999Historic peak of record>100
Raritan River Basin         
01396500SOUTH BRANCH RARITAN RIVER NEAR HIGH BRIDGE NJ65.34,37066.910.9502004/16/2007Storm peak20
   6,910105.8  1/25/1979Historic peak of record100
01397000SOUTH BRANCH RARITAN RIVER AT STANTON NJ147.011,00074.812.2701154/16/2007Storm peak22
   18,000122.415.22 8/19/1955Historic peak of record>100
01400000NORTH BRANCH RARITAN RIVER NEAR RARITAN NJ190.019,400102.113.2002304/16/2007Storm peak20
   29,100153.218.98 10/19/1996Historic peak of record90
01400500RARITAN RIVER AT MANVILLE NJ490.030,40062.022.3012004/16/2007Storm peak20
   77,600158.427.49 9/16/1999Historic peak of record>100
01402000MILLSTONE RIVER AT BLACKWELLS MILLS NJ258.021,60083.719.3412454/16/2007Third Highest peak70
   26,200101.621.01 9/17/1999Historic peak of record>100
01403060RARITAN RIVER BELOW CALCO DAM AT BOUND BROOK NJ785.056,90072.538.3812454/16/2007Second Highest peak80
   82,900105.642.13 9/17/1999Historic peak of record>100
01405030LAWRENCE BK AT WESTONS MILLS NJ44.95,820129.619.623304/15/2007New Peak of record30
   4,850108.019.2 9/21/1989Historic peak of record18
01405400MANALAPAN BROOK AT SPOTSWOOD, NJ40.71,92047.220.0816154/16/2007Storm peak35
   1,70041.820.5 9/20/1989Historic peak of record25
01406050DEEP RUN AT OLD BRIDGE NJ16.01,01063.18.1502004/16/2007New Peak of record#
   80450.37.85 9/29/2004Historic peak of record#
Southern New Jersey, Atlantic Coastal Plain Basins         
01408500TOMS RIVER NEAR TOMS RIVER NJ123.01,68013.711.1711154/17/2007Storm peak20
   2,00016.312.5 9/23/1938Historic peak of record60
01409400MULLICA RIVER NEAR BATSTO NJ65.01,64025.26.2308454/17/2007New Peak of record50
   1,84028.36.14 2/26/1979Historic peak of record75
01411000GREAT EGG HARBOR RIVER AT FOLSOM NJ57.11,01017.78.0322454/17/2007Second Highest peak100
   1,44025.29.09 9/3/1940Historic peak of record> 100
Southern New Jersey, Coastal Plain Gages in Delaware Bay Basin         
01411456LITTLE EASE RUN NEAR CLAYTON NJ9.825025.65.4512304/16/2007New Peak of record30
   15515.94.50 12/11/2003Previous peak of record8
01411500MAURICE RIVER AT NORMA NJ112.01,64014.65.8321004/17/2007Storm peak30
   7,36065.78.72 9/2/1940Historic peak of record>100
Delaware River Basin         
01457000MUSCONETCONG RIVER NEAR BLOOMSBURY, NJ141.04,10029.16.8005004/16/2007Flood Peak15
   7,20051.18.50 1/25/1979Historic peak of record80
01463500DELAWARE RIVER AT TRENTON, NJ6780.0116,00017.118.8204004/17/2007Storm peak4
   329,00048.528.60 8/20/1955Historic peak of record>100
01465850SOUTH BRANCH RANCOCAS C AT VINCENTOWN NJ64.52,060.0031.99.2409004/16/2007Second Highest peak50
   4,100.0063.612.3408157/13/2004Historic peak of record> 100
01465880SOUTHWEST BRANCH RANCOCAS C AT MEDFORD NJ47.22,70057.214.7607304/16/2007Third Highest peak30
   12,100256.419.67 7/13/2004Historic peak of record> 100
01467000NORTH BRANCH RANCOCAS CREEK AT PEMBERTON NJ118.01,47012.53.6708304/17/2007Storm peak15
   2,05017.44.20 7/14/2004Previous peak of record30
01467150COOPER RIVER AT HADDONFIELD NJ17.01850108.84.6604154/16/2007Storm peak15
   3,300194.16.2700007/13/2004Historic peak of record> 100
[mi2, square miles; ft3/s, cubic feet per second; ft3/s/mi2, cubic feet per second per square mile; >, greater than]