January 22-24, 2016 Flood Peak Table

Summary of provisional flood peaks recorded at U.S. Geological Survey gaging stations by the New Jersey Water Science Center during the flood of January 22-24, 2016 across the state of New Jersey
Station Number USGS Station Name Peak-Tide Elevation, Hurricane Sandy (ft above NAVD88)Peak-Tide Elevation, Nor'easter of 2016 (ft above NAVD88)Date of PeakGage Type
01378570Hackensack River at Hackensack, NJ??5.13Jan 24, 2016Continuous?record
01392650Passaic River at PVSC at Newark, NJ12.15.07Jan 23, 2016Continuous?record
01393510Elizabeth River at Linden, NJ12.216.07Jan 23, 2016Crest?stage
01404171Raritan River at State Route 18, at New Brunswick, NJ13.906.29Jan 23, 2016Crest?stage
01406710Raritan River at South Amboy, NJ13.45.57Jan 23, 2016Continuous?record
01407081Raritan Bay at Keansburg, NJ13.85.38Jan 23, 2016Continuous?record
01407590Branchport Creek at Oceanport, NJ10.05.29Jan 23, 2016Crest?stage
01407600Shrewsbury River at Sea Bright, NJ9.64.85Jan 23, 2016Continuous?record
01407770Shark River at Belmar, NJ10.95.26Jan 23, 2016Continuous?record
01408048Watson Creek at Glimmer Glass Bridge, at Manasquan, NJ??4.42Jan 24, 2016Continuous?record
01408155Metedeconk River at Laurelton, NJ7.372.92Jan 24, 2016Crest?stage
01408168Barnegat Bay at Mantoloking, NJ6.912.51Jan 24, 2016Continuous?record
01408200Barnegat Bay at Bay Shore, NJ8.62.68Jan 24, 2016Crest?stage
01408205Barnegat Bay at Route 37, near Bayshore, NJ6.352.52Jan 24, 2016Continuous?record
01408700Toms River at Toms River, NJ6.592.70Jan 24, 2016Crest?stage
01409125Barnegat Bay at Barnegat Light, NJ5.213.47Jan 23, 2016Continuous?record
01409135Barnegat Bay at Loveladies, NJ5.013.31Jan 23, 2016Crest?stage
01409145Manahawkin Bay near Manahawkin, NJ7.44.01Jan 23, 2016Crest?stage
01409146East Thorofare at Ship Bottom, NJ6.43.66Jan 23, 2016Continuous?record
01409285Little Egg Harbor at Beach Haven, NJ7.474.69Jan 23, 2016Crest?stage
01409335Little Egg Inlet near Tuckerton, NJ8.34.96Jan 23, 2016Continuous?record
01410100Mullica River near Port Republic, NJ8.14.56Jan 23, 2016Crest?stage
01410510Absecon Creek at Absecon, NJ7.535.84Jan 23, 2016Continuous?record
01410560Inside Thorofare at Atlantic City, NJ7.65.34Jan 23, 2016Continuous?record
01410570Beach Thorofare at Atlantic City, NJ7.685.38Jan 23, 2016Crest?stage
01410600Absecon Channel at Atlantic City, NJ7.815.88Jan 23, 2016Continuous?record
01411175Great Egg Harbor River at US 40, at Mays Landing, NJ8.05.03Jan 23, 2016Continuous?record
01411315Great Egg Harbor Bay at Beesleys Point, NJ6.975.59Jan 23, 2016Continuous?record
01411320Great Egg Harbor Bay at Ocean City, NJ7.895.69Jan 23, 2016Crest?stage
01411325Lakes Bay at Pleasantville, NJ7.95.27Jan 23, 2016Crest?stage
01411330Beach Thorofare at Margate, NJ8.15.30Jan 23, 2016Continuous?record
01411335Strathmere Bay at Strathmere, NJ7.46.99Jan 23, 2016Crest?stage
01411350Ludlum Thorofare at Sea Isle City, NJ7.566.44Jan 23, 2016Crest?stage
01411355Ingram Thorofare at Avalon, NJ7.156.44Jan 23, 2016Crest?stage
01411360Great Channel at Stone Harbor, NJ6.736.30Jan 23, 2016Continuous?record
01411370Grassy Sound Channel at Nummy Island, near North Wildwood, NJ7.37.17Jan 23, 2016Crest?stage
01411382Grassy Sound Channel at Wildwood, NJ6.155.53Jan 23, 2016Crest?stage
01411390Cape May Harbor at Cape May, NJ5.96.61Jan 23, 2016Continuous?record
01411435Sluice Creek at South Dennis, NJ6.014.00Jan 24, 2016Continuous?record
01411900Maurice River at Millville, NJ6.394.59Jan 23, 2016Crest?stage
01412150Maurice River at Bivalve, NJ7.035.57Jan 23, 2016Crest?stage
01413015Cohansey River at Bridgeton, NJ6.355.95Jan 23, 2016Crest?stage
01413038Cohansey River at Greenwich, NJ5.925.41Jan 23, 2016Crest?stage
01482650Salem River at Salem, NJ5.95.17Jan 23, 2016Crest?stage
01483050Alloway Creek at Hancocks Bridge, NJ6.665.38Jan 23, 2016Crest?stage
Provisional data: Subsequent review may result in significant revisions to the data. Data users are cautioned to consider carefully the provisional nature of the information before using it for decisions that concern personal or public safety or the conduct of business that involves substantial monetary or operational consequences