March 12-15, 2010 Flood Peak Table

Summary of provisional flood peaks caused by the storm of March 12 -15, 2010, recorded at U.S. Geological Survey streamflow gaging stations across New Jersey
Station numberStation nameDrainage area (mi2)Peak discharge (ft3/s) Peak discharge (ft3/s/mi2) Peak gage height (feet)Time (hours) Date of peak dischargeRemarksAnnual exceedance probability (percent)
Wallkill River Gages         
01367800PAPAKATING CREEK AT PELLETTOWN NJ15.8077248.97.1604003/14/2010Storm peak#
   1,21076.68.50 4/16/2007Historic peak of record#
Hackensack River Gages         
01376800HACKENSACK RIVER AT WEST NYACK NY30.71,37044.610.1103453/14/2010Storm peakNC
   1,68054.711.27 4/16/2007Historic peak of recordNC
01377000HACKENSACK RIVER AT RIVERVALE NJ58.002,55044.08.1218303/14/2010Second highest peak of recordNC
   4,62079.712.19 4/16/2007Historic peak of record< 1
01377500PASCACK BROOK AT WESTWOOD NJ29.601,20040.54.7101153/14/2010Storm peak25
   9,630325.312.22 9/16/1999Historic peak of record< 1
01378500HACKENSACK RIVER AT NEW MILFORD NJ113.04,28037.97.6813153/14/2010Storm peakNC
   11,600102.712.36 4/16/2007Historic peak of record< 1
Passaic River Basin Gages         
01379000PASSAIC RIVER NEAR MILLINGTON NJ55.41,90034.39.3803303/15/2010Fifth highest peak of record3
   2,29041.39.89 10/20/1996Historic peak of record1
01379500PASSAIC RIVER NEAR CHATHAM NJ1002,42024.27.9107153/15/2010Storm peak5
   3,38033.89.36 8/2/1973Historic peak of record1
01379773GREEN POND BROOK AT PICATINNY ARSENAL NJ832842.93.4901153/14/2010Second highest peak of record3
   33343.53.51 4/5/1984Historic peak of record3
01379780GREEN PD BK BL PICATINNY LK AT PICATINNY ARS NJ9.1667073.14.8807303/14/2010Second highest peak of recordNC
   1,300141.96.9 4/16/2007Historic peak of recordNC
01380500ROCKAWAY RIVER ABOVE RESERVOIR AT BOONTON NJ1164,35037.56.8114303/14/2010Fourth highest peak of record5
   5,59048.27.23 4/5/1984Historic peak of record2
01381000ROCKAWAY RIVER BELOW RESERVOIR AT BOONTON NJ1194,23035.58.1219003/14/2010Fifth highest peak of recordNC
   7,56063.58.3 10/10/1903Historic peak of recordNC
01381400WHIPPANY R NR MORRISTOWN NJ14.02,040145.77.6403453/14/2010Third highest peak of record11
   3,950282.19.31 9/16/1999Historic peak of record7
01381500WHIPPANY RIVER AT MORRISTOWN NJ29.41,55052.76.4504153/14/2010Storm peak17
   2,80095.28.6 9/28/1971Historic peak of record1
01381800WHIPPANY R NR PINE BROOK NJ68.51,64023.910.0611153/16/2010Second highest peak of record10
   2,08030.49.22 10/20/1996Historic peak of record4
01381900PASSAIC RIVER AT PINE BROOK NJ3499,10026.122.3209153/16/2010New Peak discharge recordNC
   8,00022.922.9 4/7/1984Previous peak of record2
01382500PEQUANNOCK R AT MACOPIN INTAKE DAM NJ63.703,19050.17.6004303/14/2010Third highest peak of recordNC
   6,10095.8*17.40 10/10/1903Historic peak of recordNC
01383500WANAQUE RIVER AT AWOSTING NJ27.101,63060.15.6313003/14/2010Fifth highest peak of record7
   2,800103.36.65 4/5/1984Historic peak of record1
01384500RINGWOOD CREEK NEAR WANAQUE NJ19.101,30068.113.3720453/13/2010Fourth highest peak of record5
   2,300120.413.92 9/16/1999Historic peak of record< 1
01386000WEST BROOK NEAR WANAQUE NJ11.81,02086.44.6801003/14/2010Storm peak17
   1,900161.06.60 3/30/1951Historic peak of record3
01387000WANAQUE R AT WANAQUE NJ90.43,11034.47.5321303/14/2010Storm peakNC
   10,500116.210.82 4/5/1984Historic peak of recordNC
01387420RAMAPO RIVER AT SUFFERN NY93.07,65082.314.3603003/14/2010Third highest peak of recordNYWSC
   12,300132.315.38 4/5/1984Historic peak of recordNYWSC
01387450MAHWAH RIVER NEAR SUFFERN NY12.31,14092.77.2300003/14/2010Storm peak13
   1,840149.69.91 11/8/1977Historic peak of record3
01387500RAMAPO RIVER NEAR MAHWAH NJ12011,50095.811.9006003/14/2010Fifth highest peak of record3
   15,500129.213.35 4/5/1984Historic peak of record1
01388000RAMAPO RIVER AT POMPTON LAKES NJ16011,00068.818.0510303/14/2010Storm peakNC
   15,40096.321.60 4/5/1984Historic peak of recordNC
01388500POMPTON RIVER AT POMPTON PLAINS NJ35520,40057.522.7717153/14/2010Third highest peak of record3
   28,30079.7*14.30 10/10/2003Historic peak of record< 1
01389500PASSAIC RIVER AT LITTLE FALLS NJ76215,80020.711.8707003/16/2010Storm peak5
   31,70041.6ND 10/10/1903Historic peak of record< 1
01389550PECKMAN RIVER AT LITTLE FALLS NJ7.8228436.32.6611453/14/2010Storm peak#
   1,600204.66.4 9/6/2008Historic peak of record#
01389890PASSAIC RIVER US DUNDEE DAM AT CLIFTON NJ80515,50019.35.0008153/14/2010Storm peakNC
   15,10018.84.93 4/18/2007Historic peak of recordNC
01390450SADDLE RIVER AT UPPER SADDLE RIVER NJ10.91,450133.04.6022303/13/2010Storm peak33
   6,290577.15.64 9/16/1999Historic peak of record< 1
01390500SADDLE R AT RIDGEWOOD NJ21.6******6.8904303/14/2010Storm peak33
   5,380249.113.40 9/16/1999Historic peak of record1
01391000HOHOKUS BROOK AT HO-HO-KUS NJ16.41,900115.93.8300003/14/2010Storm peak17
   4,670284.87.32 9/16/1999Historic peak of record1
01391500SADDLE RIVER AT LODI NJ24.02,36098.37.2610003/14/2010Storm peak25
   5,330222.113.94 9/17/1999Historic peak of record1
01392170THIRD RIVER AT BLOOMFIELD NJ7.7148262.54.5318153/13/2010Storm peak> 50
   2,670346.39.97 9/16/1999Historic peak of record1
Elizabeth River Gages         
01393450ELIZABETH R AT URSINO LAKE AT ELIZABETH NJ16.92,160127.820.0418153/13/2010Storm peak33
   4,510266.925.77 9/16/1999Historic peak of record< 1
Rahway River Gages         
01394500RAHWAY R NR SPRINGFIELD NJ25.52,51098.48.0123453/13/2010Storm peak13
   7,990313.310.67 9/16/1999Historic peak of record< 1
01395000RAHWAY RIVER AT RAHWAY NJ40.94,170102.08.12ND3/14/2010Storm peak 
   5,590136.79.60 9/17/1999Historic peak of record1
Raritan River Basin Gages         
01396190SB RARITAN RIVER AT FOUR BRIDGES NJ31.01,97063.59.5101153/14/2010Storm peak#
   3,00096.81060 9/16/1999Historic peak of record#
01396500SOUTH BRANCH RARITAN RIVER NEAR HIGH BRIDGE NJ65.33,45052.810.4306453/14/2010Storm peak13
   6,910105.8  1/25/1979Historic peak of record< 1
01396582SPRUCE RUN AT MAIN STREET AT GLEN GARDNER NJ12.31,450117.96.7521003/13/2010Storm peak33
   2,750223.6  9/16/1999Historic peak of record2
01396660MULHOCKAWAY CREEK AT VAN SYCKEL NJ11.81,850156.85.7122003/13/2010Storm peak25
   3,590304.27.41 9/20/1989Historic peak of record3
01396800SPRUCE RUN AT CLINTON NJ41.32,53061.33.7900303/14/2010Storm peakNC
   6,410155.25.17 4/2/1970Historic peak of recordNC
01397000SOUTH BRANCH RARITAN RIVER AT STANTON NJ1477,83053.310.5701303/14/2010Storm peak17
   18,000122.415.22 8/19/1955Historic peak of record< 1
01398000NESHANIC RIVER AT REAVILLE NJ25.71,23047.96.8613453/14/2010Storm peak>50
   23,100898.815.33 9/16/1999Historic peak of record< 1
01398500NB RARITAN RIVER NEAR FAR HILLS NJ26.22,50095.45.0700303/14/2010Storm peak17
   6,390243.97.28 8/28/1971Historic peak of record1
01399500LAMINGTON (BLACK) RIVER NEAR POTTERSVILLE NJ32.81,12034.13.9722003/13/2010Storm peak25
   3,460105.55.94 7/7/1984Historic peak of record1
01399670SB ROCKAWAY CREEK AT WHITEHOUSE STATION NJ12.31,610130.98.5223453/13/2010Fourth highest peak of record14
   2,620213.010.68 9/16/1999Historic peak of record2
01399830NORTH BRANCH RARITAN RIVER AT NORTH BRANCH NJ174.014,10081.016.4403303/14/2010Storm peak14
   27,800159.821.53 9/16/1999Historic peak of record2
01400000NORTH BRANCH RARITAN RIVER NEAR RARITAN NJ19022,200116.813.904303/14/2010Storm peak3
   29,100153.218.98 10/19/1996Historic peak of record1
01400500RARITAN RIVER AT MANVILLE NJ49028,90059.021.5408453/14/2010Storm peak5
   77,600158.427.49 9/16/1999Historic peak of record< 1
01401000STONY BROOK AT PRINCETON NJ44.55,050113.510.1201453/14/2010Storm peak17
   8,960201.314.26 8/28/1971Historic peak of record1
01401650PIKE RUN AT BELLE MEAD NJ5.41,130210.89.0220453/13/2010Storm peak25
   4,120768.713.61 9/16/1999Historic peak of record2
01402000MILLSTONE RIVER AT BLACKWELLS MILLS NJ25814,70057.016.1510303/14/2010Storm peak5
   26,200101.621.01 9/17/1999Historic peak of record< 1
01403060RARITAN RIVER BELOW CALCO DAM AT BOUND BROOK NJ78545,90058.536.0410453/14/2010Storm peak3
   82,900105.642.13 9/17/1999Historic peak of record< 1
01403150WEST BRANCH MIDDLE BROOK NEAR MARTINSVILLE NJ1.99387194.55.5520453/13/2010Storm peak33
   1,490748.79.3 9/16/1999Historic peak of record< 1
01403400GREEN BROOK AT SEELEY MILLS NJ9.751,790183.65.5822453/13/2010Storm peak7
   6,240640.0  8/2/1973Historic peak of record< 1
01403540STONY BROOK AT WATCHUNG NJ5.512,140388.414.822453/13/2010Storm peak11
   10,5001905.624.5 9/16/1999Historic peak of record< 1
01403900BOUND BK AT MIDDLESEX NJ48.47,180148.313.1504303/14/2010Second highest peak of record5
   7,840162.013.54 9/17/1999Historic peak of record4
01405030LAWRENCE BK AT WESTONS MILLS NJ44.93,64081.118.6623453/13/2010Storm peak14
   4,850108.019.2 9/21/1989Historic peak of record5
01405400MANALAPAN BROOK AT SPOTSWOOD, NJ40.71,60039.319.8716003/14/2010Fifth highest peak of record7
   1,70041.820.5 9/20/1989Historic peak of record5
01406050DEEP RUN AT OLD BRIDGE NJ16.01,20075.08.1103153/14/2010Second highest peak of record#
   1,27079.48.15 4/16/2007Historic peak of record#
01407290BIG BROOK NEAR MARLBORO NJ6.42667103.916.3918153/13/2010Storm peak> 50
   1,370213.420.16 9/20/1989Historic peak of record5
Southern New Jersey, Atlantic Coastal Plain Gages         
01407500SWIMMING RIVER NEAR RED BANK NJ49.22,52051.26.5222303-13-2010Storm peak17
   8,910181.18.96 10/27/1943Historic peak of record< 1
01407705SHARK RIVER NEAR NEPTUNE CITY NJ9.9640941.15.2123003-13-2010Storm peak50
   2,340234.97.94 12/26/1969Historic peak of record< 1
01407760JUMPING BROOK NEAR NEPTUNE CITY NJ6.4635655.14.6322003-13-2010Storm peak> 50
   1,830283.36.34 09/12/1971Historic peak of record3
01408000MANASQUAN RIVER AT SQUANKUM NJ44.077717.76.7815153/15/2010Storm peak> 50
   2,94066.812.45 9/21/1938Historic peak of record< 1
01408029MANASQUAN R NR ALLENWOOD NJ63.32,56040.416.0408303/14/2010Storm peak25
   3,88061.316.97 10/14/2005Historic peak of record2
01408120NORTH BRANCH METEDECONK RIVER NEAR LAKEWOOD NJ34.992326.48.4411153/14/2010Fifth highest peak of record7
   1,37039.39.28 11/8/1977Historic peak of record1
01408500TOMS RIVER NEAR TOMS RIVER NJ1232,10017.112.2506153/15/2010New Peak of record2
   2,00016.312.5 9/23/1938Previous peak of record2
01409000CEDAR CREEK AT LANOKA HARBOR NJ53.34067.63.7205303/16/2010Storm peak33
   1,05019.76.5 10/28/1943Historic peak of record2
01409280WESTECUNK CREEK AT STAFFORD FORGE NJ15.821613.712.302153/15/2010Third highest peak of record8
   25616.2*3.7 7/4/1978Historic peak of record5
01409400MULLICA RIVER NEAR BATSTO NJ65.076111.75.0419453/15/2010Storm peak25
   1,84028.36.14 2/26/1979Historic peak of record1
01409810WEST BRANCH WADING RIVER NEAR JENKINS NJ84.11,39016.515.5200153/16/2010New Peak of record5
   1,32015.716.14 2/26/1979Previous peak of record7
01410000OSWEGO RIVER AT HARRISVILLE NJ72.56188.55.8418453/15/2010Storm peak17
   1,39019.29.54 8/20/1939Historic peak of record<1
01410150EAST BRANCH BASS RIVER NEAR NEW GRETNA NJ8.1110212.65.4121003/13/2010Storm peak33
   1,130139.37.28 8/21/1997Historic peak of record< 1
01411000 GREAT EGG HARBOR RIVER AT FOLSOM NJ57.188415.57.2418003/15/2010Third highest peak of record3
   1,44025.2*9.09 9/3/1940Historic peak of record< 1
Southern New Jersey, Coastal Plain Gages Draining to Delaware Bay         
01411300TUCKAHOE RIVER AT HEAD OF RIVER NJ30.850516.46.4400153-14-2010Third highest peak of record7
   134043.59.09 9/21/1997Historic peak of record< 1
01411456LITTLE EASE RN NR CLAYTON NJ9.7716617.04.8023153-13-2010Second highest peak of record14
   25325.95.45 4-16-2007Previous peak of record4
01411500MAURICE RIVER AT NORMA NJ1121,19010.65.1721303-15-2010Storm peak10
   7,36065.78.72 9/2/1940Historic peak of record< 1
01412800 COHANSEY RIVER AT SEELEY NJ28.041514.85.3922303-13-2010Storm peak> 50
   10,000357.18.5 6/21/1983Historic peak of record< 1
Delaware River Basin Gages, north of Delaware Bay         
01434000DELAWARE RIVER AT PORT JERVIS, NY3,07029,1009.58.2320303/14/2010Storm peak> 50
   233,00075.923.91 8/19/1955Historic peak of record<1
01438500DELAWARE RIVER AT MONTAGUE, NJ3,48034,2009.813.1922303/14/2010Storm peak> 50
   250,00071.835.15 8/19/1955Historic peak of record<1
01440000FLAT BROOK NEAR FLATBROOKVILLE, NJ64.02,14033.46.81 3/14/2010Flood Peak25
   9,560149.412.58 8/19/1955Historic peak of record<1
01440200DELAWARE RIVER AT DELAWARE WATER GAP, NJ3,85043,60011.313.6219153/14/2010Storm peak> 50
   260,00067.537.40 8/19/1955Historic peak of record<1
01443280EAST BRANCH PAULINS KILL NEAR LAYFAYETTE NJ1332625.15.6413153/14/2010Second highest peak of record11
   37628.95.89 4/16/2007Historic peak of record10
01443500PAULINS KILL AT BLAIRSTOWN, NJ1262,57020.46.1714003/14/2010Storm Peak25
   8,75069.411.12 8/19/1955Historic peak of record< 1
01445000PEQUEST RIVER AT HUNTSVILLE, NJ3162220.14.9619003/14/2010Storm Peak7
   90629.25.44 1/25/1979Historic peak of record2
01445500PEQUEST RIVER AT PEQUEST, NJ1061,30012.34.6711303/15/2010Storm Peak17
   2,13020.15.97 1/25/1979Historic peak of record2
01446000BEAVER BROOK NEAR BELVIDERE, NJ3761016.64.1219003/14/2010Storm Peak33
   1,51041.15.76 3/12/1936Historic peak of record2
01446500DELAWARE RIVER AT BELVIDERE, NJ4,54054,40012.012.921453/14/2010Storm peak> 50
   273,00060.130.21 8/19/1955Historic peak of record< 1
01455500MUSCONETCONG R AT OUTLET LK HOPATCONG, NJ25.32289.03.608303/16/2010Storm peakNC
   1,90075.110.47 8/13/2000Historic peak of recordNC
01457000MUSCONETCONG RIVER NEAR BLOOMSBURY, NJ1412,41017.15.6106003/14/2010Flood Peak33
   7,20051.18.5 1/25/1979Historic peak of record1
01457500DELAWARE R AT RIEGELSVILLE, NJ6,33068,00010.716.1500003/15/2010Storm peak> 50
   340,00053.738.85 8/19/1955Historic peak of record< 1
01463500DELAWARE RIVER AT TRENTON, NJ6,78075,90011.216.1503303/15/2010Storm peak> 50
   329,00048.528.60 8/20/1955Historic peak of record< 1
01463620ASSUNPINK CREEK AT CLARKSVILLE, NJ34.337711.07.3806003/16/2010Storm peak33
   1,50043.710.90 8/28/1971Historic peak of record3
01464000ASSUNPINK CREEK AT TRENTON, NJ90.62,00022.19.3622303/14/2010Flood peak13
   5,45060.214.61 7/21/1975Historic peak of record< 1
01464500 CROSSWICKS CREEK AT EXTONVILLE NJ81.52,59031.812.8311003-14-2010Storm peak17
   4,86059.614.18 9/1/1978Historic peak of record2
01465850 SOUTH BRANCH RANCOCAS C AT VINCENTOWN NJ64.51,12017.47.501153-14-2010Storm peak25
   4,10063.612.3408157/13/2004Historic peak of record< 1
01465880 SOUTHWEST BRANCH RANCOCAS C AT MEDFORD NJ47.294520.011.4221153-13-2010Storm peak> 50
   12,100256.419.67 7/13/2004Historic peak of record< 1
01466500 MCDONALDS BRANCH IN BYRNE STATE FOREST NJ2.35218.92.1008453-14-2010Storm peak14
   3816.22.3300157/13/2004Historic peak of record2
01466900 GREENWOOD BRANCH AT NEW LISBON NJ77.992611.98.1921153/15/2010Third highest peak of record#
   1,08013.98.9123307/13/2004Historic peak of record#
01467000 NORTH BRANCH RANCOCAS CREEK AT PEMBERTON NJ1181,47012.53.6813153/15/2010Storm peak10
   2,05017.44.2003007/14/2004Previous peak of record2
01467081 SOUTH BRANCH PENNSAUKEN CREEK AT CHERRY HILL NJ8.9863370.59.4316453/13/2010Storm peak33
   1,560173.711.75 7/13/2004Previous peak of record1
01467150 COOPER RIVER AT HADDONFIELD NJ17.099758.63.5819153/13/2010Storm peak33
  3,300194.16.27 7/13/2004Previous peak of record< 1
01475000 MANTUA CREEK AT PITMAN NJ6.0525942.85.3418003/13/2010Storm peak17
   4,200694.26.64 9/1/1940Historic peak of record< 1
01477120 RACCOON CREEK NEAR SWEDESBORO NJ26.989433.213.9222303/13/2010Storm peak33
   3,530131.217.44 8/10/1967Historic peak of record1
Provisional data: Subsequent review may result in significant revisions to the data. Data users are cautioned to consider carefully the provisional nature of the information before using it for decisions that concern personal or public safety or the conduct of business that involves substantial monetary or operational consequences.