Climate Adaptation Science Centers

National CASC

Scientists supported by the National CASC (NCASC) are examining how recreational and tribal fisheries in the Midwest might look in the future, how migratory birds may be impacted by climate change and how this could impact management decisions, how changing temperatures could effect the competition between native and non-native freshwater fish, and much more.

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The National CASC (NCASC), based at USGS headquarters in Reston, Virginia, serves as the national office for the CASC network. NCASC provides leadership and guidance on administration, partnerships, information management, and communications. In addition to its management capacities, NCASC conducts research on cross-regional and national science priorities.

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T. Douglas Beard, Jr., Ph.D.

National CASC
Phone: 571-265-4623

Janet A Cushing

Deputy Chief
National Climate Adaptation Science Center
Phone: 571-524-4636

Shawn L Carter, Ph.D.

Senior Scientist
National Climate Adaptation Science Center
Phone: 703-648-4085