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Year Published: 2018

Efficacy of otoliths and first dorsal spines for preliminary age and growth determination in Atlantic Tripletails

The Atlantic Tripletail Lobotes surinamensis is a popular sport fish for which age and growth data are scarce in general and nonexistent for Georgia (GA), USA, waters. These data are necessary to ensure that management regulations are adequate to protect this species, especially given its popularity as a sport fish. We evaluated whether...

Parr, Russell T.; Bringolf, Robert B.; Jennings, Cecil A.

Year Published: 2018

Evidence for regional nitrogen stress on chlorophyll a in lakes across large landscape and climate gradients

Nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) commonly stimulate phytoplankton production in lakes, but recent observations from lakes from an agricultural region suggest that nitrate may have a subsidy‐stress effect on chlorophyll a (Chl a). It is unclear, however, how generalizable this effect might be. Here, we analyzed a large water quality...

Filstrup, Christopher T.; Wagner, Tyler; Oliver, Samantha K.; Stow, Craig A.; Webster, Katherine E.; Stanley, Emily H.; Downing, John A.

Year Published: 2018

History of state wildlife management in the United States

No abstract available.

Organ, John F.
Organ, J.F. 2018. History of state wildlife management in the United States. Chapter 1, pages 1 - 23 in T.J. Ryder, editor, State wildlife management and conservation. Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

Year Published: 2018

Monitoring Least Bitterns (Ixobrychis exilis) in Vermont: Detection probability and occupancy modeling

Ixobrychus exillis (Least Bittern) is listed as a species of high concern in the North American Waterbird Conservation Plan and is a US Fish and Wildlife Service migratory bird species of conservation concern in the Northeast. Little is known about the population of Least Bitterns in the Northeast because of their low population density,...

Cherukuri, Aswini; Strong, Allan; Donovan, Therese M.

Year Published: 2018

Nest survival modelling using a multi-species approach in forests managed for timber and biofuel feedstock

Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) intercropping is a novel forest management practice for biomass production intended to generate cellulosic feedstocks within intensively managed loblolly pine‐dominated landscapes. These pine plantations are important for early‐successional bird species, as short rotation times continually maintain early‐successional...

Loman, Zachary G.; Monroe, Adrian; Riffell, Samuel K.; Miller, Darren A.; Vilella, Francisco; Wheat, Bradley R.; Rush, Scott A.; Martin, James A.
Loman ZG, Monroe AP, Riffell SK, et al. Nest survival modelling using a multi-species approach in forests managed for timber and biofuel feedstock. J Appl Ecol. 2017;00:1–10.

Year Published: 2018

Quantifying seining detection probability for fishes of Great Plains sand‐bed rivers

Species detection error (i.e., imperfect and variable detection probability) is an essential consideration when investigators map distributions and interpret habitat associations. When fish detection error that is due to highly variable instream environments needs to be addressed, sand‐bed streams of the Great Plains represent a unique challenge....

Mollenhauer, Robert; Logue, Daniel R.; Brewer, Shannon K.

Year Published: 2018

Rearing environment influences boldness and prey acquisition behavior, and brain and lens development of bull trout

Animals reared in barren captive environments exhibit different developmental trajectories and behaviors than wild counterparts. Hence, the captive phenotypes may influence the success of reintroduction and recovery programs for threatened and endangered species. We collected wild bull trout embryos from the Metolius River Basin, Oregon and reared...

Brignon, William R.; Pike, Martin M.; Ebbesson, Lars O.E.; Schaller, Howard A.; Peterson, James T.; Schreck, Carl B.

Year Published: 2018

Response of beach-nesting American Oystercatchers to off-road vehicles: An experimental approach reveals physiological nuances and decreased nest attendance

Shorebird populations face increasing challenges as rising sea levels and growing human populations constrain their breeding habitats. On recreational beaches, the nesting season often coincides with a season of high visitor use, increasing the potential for conflict, which may negatively influence beach-nesting shorebird species. We designed a...

Felton, Shilo K.; Pollock, Kenneth H.; Simons, Theodore R.

Year Published: 2018

Species‐ and habitat‐specific otolith chemistry patterns inform riverine fisheries management

Geology and hydrology are drivers of water chemistry and thus important considerations for fish otolith chemistry research. However, other factors such as species and habitat identity may have predictive ability, enabling selection of appropriate elemental signatures prior to costly, perhaps unnecessary water/age‐0 fish sampling. The goal of this...

Radigan, William; Carlson, Andrew K.; Kientz, Jeremy; Chipps, Steven R.; Fincel, Mark J.; Graeb, Brian D. S.

Year Published: 2018

Timber harvest as the predominant disturbance regime in northeastern U.S. forests: Effects of harvest intensification

Harvesting is the leading cause of adult tree mortality in forests of the northeastern United States. While current rates of timber harvest are generally sustainable, there is considerable pressure to increase the contribution of forest biomass to meet renewable energy goals. We estimated current harvest regimes for different forest types and...

Brown, Michelle L.; Canham, Charles D.; Murphy, Lora; Donovan, Therese M.

Year Published: 2018

AMModels: An R package for storing models, data, and metadata to facilitate adaptive management

Agencies are increasingly called upon to implement their natural resource management programs within an adaptive management (AM) framework. This article provides the background and motivation for the R package, AMModels. AMModels was developed under R version 3.2.2. The overall goal of AMModels is simple: To codify knowledge in the...

Donovan, Therese M.; Katz, Jonathan

Year Published: 2018

The potential of unmanned aerial systems for sea turtle research and conservation: a review and future directions

The use of satellite systems and manned aircraft surveys for remote data collection has been shown to be transformative for sea turtle conservation and research by enabling the collection of data on turtles and their habitats over larger areas than can be achieved by surveys on foot or by boat. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones are...

Rees, Alan F.; Avens, Larisa; Ballorain, Katia; Bevan, Elizabeth; Broderick, Annette C.; Carthy, Raymond R.; Christianen, Marjolijn J. A.; Duclos, Gwénaël; Heithaus, Michael R.; Johnston, David W.; Mangel, Jeffrey C.; Paladino, Frank V.; Pendoley, Kellie; Reina, Richard D.; Robinson, Nathan J.; Ryan, Robert; Sykora-Bodie, Seth T.; Tilley, Dominic; Varela, Miguel R.; Whitman, Elizabeth R.; Whittock, Paul A.; Wibbels, Thane; Godley, Brendan J.