Data Visualization

Science Center Objects

USGS aquatic scientists are developing data visualization tools to assist
natural resource managers in decision‐making and adaptive management.

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Connectivity and Inundation Tool

Science Center: Upper Midwest Environmental Science Center

The tool allows for the investigation of the historic hydrographs or proposed theoretical hydrographs.  It does this by utilizing existing 2D hydrodynamic models that have been encapsulated via spatially explicit regression analysis and a database containing a timeline of explanatory values (e.g., river stages).


The West Brook Story

Science Center: Leetown Science Center

Researchers at the USGS Conte Branch develop data visualization tools to help understand interrelationships among landscape variables and where fish are found, now and in the future, to explore data on studies of individually-tagged fish in streams, and to discover how daily stream flow changes throughout the year.


National Fish Habitat Partnership Data System

The National Fish Habitat Partnership (NFHP) Data System supports coordinated efforts of scientific assessment and data exchange among the partners and stakeholders of the aquatic habitat community. 


Fish Tagging Data Visualizations

Spatial Hydro-Ecological Decision System (SHEDS)

Understanding the performance and fate of individual fish helps us understand why populations fluctuate over time.



Fish distribution and community composition in streams are expected to change based on altered thermal and/or hydrologic characteristics of surface and groundwater resources resulting from climate change. FishVis was developed to help you visualize, search, and download these potential climate-driven responses for 13 fish species in streams across the Great Lakes region.



This decision support mapper, FISHTAIL, will allow users to evaluate how fish may respond to current and future condition of fish habitats so managers can better protect and conserve stream fishes.



Stream temperature data inventory.


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