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The USGS Brown Treesnake Rapid Response Team was established to help prevent the spread of invasive Brown Treesnakes through screening, risk assessment, outreach, and training for field response efforts.

Brown Treesnake Rapid Response Team 

The Brown Treesnake project partners include DOI Office of Insular Affairs, USDA National Wildlife Research Center and Wildlife Services, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and State and Island governments.  Recently, USGS scientists developed a model for determining the amount of search and/or trap effort required following rapid response efforts to meet resource managers’ desired degree of certainty that an invasive brown treesnake population is not present in the search area.

Two reports of two brown treesnakes on Saipan (March 2016) resulted in the deployment of the Brown Treesnake Rapid Response Team (RRT) who conducted a coordinated search effort for the several weeks. The team is led by the USGS and is made up of Guam-based biologists and regional cooperators from the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands who have specific training in finding and capturing these invasive snakes. The team is coordinated by USGS biologist Adam Knox, a brown treesnake expert based on Guam.


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