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In the 21st century, drivers such as sea level rise, extreme weather events, changes in the flow rate of rivers, and human development of coastal habitats will affect coastal landscapes and ecosystems across the region, including estuaries.

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woman standing in Long Island estuary
Long Island Estuary - part of the North Atlantic Coastal Plain(Credit: Irene J. Fisher, USGS. Public domain.)

Integrating Estuarine Water-Quality Data in Northeastern National Parks

Science Center: Patuxent Wildlife Research Center

Estuaries in northeastern states are severely threatened by the adverse impacts of nutrient over-enrichment. USGS led the development of a vital-signs protocol to monitor estuarine nutrient status in northeastern National Parks, and monitoring has been operational in coastal parks from Massachusetts to Virginia since 2006. 

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Monitoring and Assessing Effects of the Picayune Strand Restoration Project (PSRP) on the Florida Manatee

WERC San Francisco Bay Estuary and Waterbirds
Photographer: Kim Sawyer(Credit: Kim Sawyer. Public domain.)

Science Center: Wetland and Aquatic Research Center

Critical information predicting condition changes in manatee habitat resulting from the alteration of freshwater flows to estuaries is needed to develop the PSRP Detailed Design and PSRP Operations Plan components and complete consultation under the Endangered Species Act.

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Modeling Sea-Level Rise in San Francisco Bay Estuary

Science Center: Western Ecological Research Center

With sea level rise, how will the coastal habitats of the San Francisco Bay Estuary change over the next 100 years? Mapping and modeling studies have produced scenarios for this important coastal ecosystem.

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