Mineral Resources Program

Regional Studies and Mineral Resources

Geologic, geophysical, and geochemical studies are used to evaluate the mineral endowment of strategic and critical minerals in selected regions of the United States.  Understanding the formation of major mineral deposits, which provide for society’s needed resources, can have broad impact on the economy and the environment.

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Date published: September 30, 2016
Status: Completed

Petrogenesis and REE Metallogenesis of 1.4 Ga Magmatism in the Conterminous U.S.

This project evaluated the petrology and metallogeny of rare earth element-mineralized 1.4 Ga intrusive systems at Mountain Pass and in the St. Francois Mountains relative to those of other, apparently, unmineralized 1.4 Ga intrusive systems in the conterminous U.S.

Date published: September 30, 2016
Status: Completed

Magmatic-Tectonic History and Component Sources of Major Precious Metal Deposits in the Southern Walker Lane

We conducted linked investigations to address the magmatic-hydrothermal evolution, post-mineralization structural histories, and sources of host rocks and hydrothermal mineral components of three significant, subduction-related, Au-Ag districts in the Walker Lane structural zone in the western Great Basin. 

Contacts: Peter Vikre
Date published: September 30, 2014
Status: Completed

MIneral Resources External Research Program

In 2004, the Mineral Resources Program introduced an External Research Program, which ran through 2014. This grant and/or cooperative agreement opportunity was available to universities, state agencies, industry, or other private sector organizations that had the ability to conduct research in topics that met the goals of the Mineral Resources Program.

Date published: September 30, 2013
Status: Completed

Basement Tectonic Framework of the U.S.: Role of Cratonization of Juvenile Crust and Structural Modification in Forming Metallogenic Provinces

Project objectives were to publish a map of the nation's geologic basement. The map portrayed these pieces (domains) from the most ancient to recent, by the events that influenced their composition, starting with their origin. 

Date published: March 4, 2007
Status: Completed

Headwaters Province - Idaho and Montana: Earth Science Studies in Support of Public Policy Development and Land Stewardship

The Headwaters Province project provided geoscience data and interpretations to the Federal Land Management Agencies (FLMA) that were basic to sound policy and land-stewardship practices.