Can wild birds spread avian influenza to domestic poultry?

Although it is possible for domestic poultry to become infected with avian influenza from direct contact with wild birds, it is more likely that avian influenza viruses are spread indirectly to poultry on contaminated feed, clothing, and equipment.

Agricultural agencies encourage producers to prevent wild birds and other wildlife from coming into direct contact with their poultry, and to avoid transporting wild bird fecal material and secretions to poultry via boots, equipment, and feed.

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June 3, 2008

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Image: USGS Avian Flu Research
February 29, 2008

USGS Avian Flu Research

USGS scientist Dede Goldberg swabs a pintail duck for avian influenza at Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge in Colorado.

Attribution: Ecosystems
Avian Influenza Sampling

Avian Influenza Sampling

Oral-pharyngeal sample being taken on an American black duck (cloacal samples are also taken from each bird)