How do I access or download from the lidar Requester Pays option?

The USGS lidar data is available from an Amazon S3 Requester Pays bucket named usgs-lidar.  The data is arranged by projects and is only available in LAZ format:

Bucket Name: usgs-lidar
Bucket Region: US West (Oregon)

To access the usgs-lidar bucket a user must create an Amazon AWS account at so that any charges associated with accessing the bucket can be billed to the individual user.

Once an account has been created, a number of third-party applications exist for accessing the data. The following are samples of these tools and are not endorsed by USGS:

Amazon AWS Command Line Interface is freely available on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. Documentation including installation instructions are available at

CloudBerry Explorer has both free and Pro versions available for Windows platforms. This application offers a graphical interface similar to Windows Explorer for accessing data in Amazon. More information can be found at

S3 Browser ( is a freeware Windows client for accessing Amazon S3 data.

Cyberduck ( is another free browser available for Windows and Mac which supports access to Amazon S3 data.

CrossFTP Pro ( supports access to Amazon S3 Requester Pays buckets and is available on Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris platforms. Note: the free version of CrossFTP does not support access to Requester Pay buckets.

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