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Once the public comment period has passed, what is the Department of the Interior’s process for reaching a final decision on replacement place names under Secretary’s Order 3404 and the DOI Derogatory Geographic Names Task Force?

Secretary's Order 3404 outlines the process. The Derogatory Geographic Names Task Force will review all candidate names, including those generated by U.S. Geological Survey, received by the Board on Geographic Names as part of a formal proposal prior to 1/24/22, or contributed through the public comment period or Tribal Consultations. As outlined in Secretary's Order 3404, "The task force will review all public feedback and will consider Tribal feedback in accordance with Departmental policy. The task force will submit the proposed name changes to the Board on Geographic Names within 90 days after conclusion of the public comment period and Tribal consultation." Following that, "The Board on Geographic Names will render a decision on all recommended name changes no later than 60 days following the submission of all proposed replacement names by the task force.

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