What does the "Topo Map Name" mean in the Geographic Names Information System?

The field entitled "Topo Map Name"; indicates the name of a USGS standard topographic map. If the map name is known and entered in this field (data may be entered in other fields also), the query will return the features that are wholly or partially located on the map (and that meet the other query parameters). Note that map names frequently are used in different states. Therefore, after entering the map name, click the "Check Map State" box. A list of States using that map name will be returned. Select the desired State from the list.

A USGS topographic map usually is named for the most prominent feature within the bounds of the map, which frequently is a community. Please note that although the features returned by the query are located on the map that may be named after a prominent community, this does not indicate that the features are "in" that community. The standard topographic maps are in most cases a 7.5 minutes by 7.5 minutes box, covering approximately 60 square miles.