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What is Landsat Next?

Landsat Next is the next planned Earth observing satellite mission collaboration between the USGS and NASA. The mission will ensure continuity of the longest space-based record of Earth’s land surface, and fundamentally transform the breadth and depth of actionable information freely available to end users. It will provide new capabilities for the next generation of Landsat users. 

The enhanced spatial and temporal resolution of the 26-band “superspectral” Landsat Next constellation will unlock new applications for water quality, crop production and plant stress, climate and snow dynamics, soil health and other essential environmental variables.

The launch of the Landsat Next mission is planned for late 2030/early 2031.

With a trio of smaller satellites that can each detect 26 wavelengths of light, the Landsat Next mission is expected to look very different from its predecessors that have been observing Earth for 50 years. This new plan for Landsat Next, a joint mission of NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey, is designed to provide more frequent, and finer resolution, data of the changing surface of Earth.

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