What is the role of the Research Advisor during the preparation of a Mendenhall Fellowship research proposal?

Mendenhall Fellowship applicants are strongly urged to coordinate the development of their research proposals with the appropriate Research Advisor(s). The role of the Research Advisor(s) is primarily consultative. They can provide assistance in the sharpening up of a proposal but should not be actively involved in writing the proposal. The concepts around which the proposal is built should be generated mostly by the applicant. The Research Advisor(s) should provide equal access to all potential applicants.

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Will the Mendenhall Fellowship lead to a permanent position with the USGS?

Not necessarily. Mendenhall Fellows can apply and compete for permanent USGS positions, but tenure as a Mendenhall Fellow does not lead to any preferred status. If a Mendenhall Fellow obtains employment with the Federal Government, the 2-year employment will be added to the length of service. Learn more: USGS Mendenhall Research Fellowship Program