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Creating Your Personal Mission Statement

"It's not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are." 

                                                                          — Roy Disney

Creating a Personal Mission Statement will be, without question, one of the most powerful and significant things you will ever do to take leadership of your life. In it you will identify the first, most important roles, relationships, and things in your life—who you want to be, what you want to do, to whom and what you want to give your life, the principles you want to anchor your life to, the legacy you want to leave. All the goals and decisions you will make in the future will be based upon it. It will be a compass—a strong source of guidance amid the stormy seas and pressing, pulling currents of your life.

Click here to begin building your Personal Mission Statement

Once logged in you can explore the three available options for building your Personal Mission Statement:

  1. Kickstart
    Identify your values and purpose with this quick exercise that will lead you through a series of questions. Simply type the first response that comes to mind, and use your responses to begin crafting your mission. (timed)
  2. Museum
    Explore a variety of missions and then start writing your own.
  3. Journey
    Introspective path asks thought-provoking questions that require you to look into your heart and uncover your deepest desires and loftiest goals.


Additional Resources


Periodic Review

While fundamentally timeless, your mission statement needs to be periodically reviewed as you grow and change. Questions to ask include:

  • Is my mission based on timeless principles? What are they?
  • Does it represent the best that is within me?
  • Do I feel good about what this mission statement represents?
  • Do I feel direction, purpose, challenge and motivation when I read it?
  • What skills & strategies will help me live up to the goals I've set within my mission?
  • Does my mission statement inspire me?


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