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Office of Organizational Development

The Office of Organizational Development (OOD) assists leaders and managers in their efforts to improve the USGS as an organization. OOD provides consulting and coaching to improve team and organizational health.

What is Organization Development?

"Organization development is a system-wide application of behavioral science to the planned development and reinforcement of organizational strategies, structures, and processes for improving an organization's effectiveness.*

Organization Development (OD) focuses on the human side of an organization by collaborating with key leaders, groups, and individuals to create systemic change that improves productivity and increases employee engagement.

Similar to how an individual will consult a doctor for check-ups and ailments, ideally leaders contact an OD consultant when they want to focus on their organizational health.

Comparable to your body being a system where there are methods to diagnose its well-being; Organization Development uses models, theories, and checklists to diagnose organizational vitality. Diagnosis can be qualitative and quantitative.


Leaders and managers contact the Organization Development office when encountering:

  •  New challenges, responsibilities, and possibilities
  •  The need for customer or stakeholder feedback
  •  An opportunity for planning and teambuilding
  •  Ongoing issues among group members
  •  Lack of clarity in goals or roles
  •  The transition of managers or employees
  •  Communication challenges


The Organization Development Professional works with leaders and managers by:

  •  Gathering data
  •  Defining issues
  •  Determining suitable course of action
  •  Assessing outcomes of activities or interventions
  •  Evaluating the impact on the organization/team


What to expect:

An Organization Development Professional can work with you to evaluate and develop a customized plan of action for your organization in a timely, cost-effective and ethical manner.


Contact us today

Peggy Gardiner 

Organizational Development Consultant and Program Manager for Organizational Development

(703) 648-6824

Aimee Cooper 

Organizational Development Specialist

(703) 648-7496

Ashley Cannady

Program Analyst, FEVS

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Jennifer Jones

Senior Program Analyst, Leadership and Supervisory Development

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*Cummings and Worley, "Organization Development and Change,” Sixth Edition, South-Western Publishing, 1997, p.2.