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Outstanding act of leadership as a Coordinator of the SPN Editing Community of Practice

Presented by Debra H. Foster, Pembroke Publishing Service Center Chief and SPN Senior Leadership Team Liaison to the ECoP

This Leadership Coin is given to Carol Wilkinson, Denver Publishing Service Center, for her outstanding acts of leadership as one of the coordinators of the Science Publishing Network Editing Community of Practice (ECoP) from FY 13 through FY15. These were growing years for the ECoP and thanks to Carol’s guidance and expertise, the ECoP was brought farther along as a community than it has ever been. She introduced the use of Google Drive to communicate and share documents between the Coordinators and the ECoP, and planned and organized presentations for the monthly Webex meetings in collaboration with the other Coordinator. Conference call meetings are challenging to engage 60 participants, but she handled the challenge with grace and professionalism. She developed, edited, and compiled surveys and results through Google forms, which opened up yet another method of communication between the editors, and actively suggested changes to the new organizational structure for the ECoP that created an editorial decision team and defined the roles and responsibilities for making final editorial and style decisions for the USGS.

This coin is also given in recognition of her other acts of leadership through the design, development, and coordination of the new easy-to-use discussion Web forum in Sharepoint for the 60 editors in the Science Publishing Network (SPN) and for the development and presentations of a training module on how to use this Web site.

Many hours were spent on the phone to plan, revise documents, and develop communication tools while balancing a regular editorial workload. She brought the right balance of strengths to the team, and her dedication and passion for the editing community was apparent. The SPN is very lucky to have had her as a coordinator during her term.

April 24, 2015


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