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USGS Workforce Plan 2015-2020

The USGS Workforce Plan 2015-2020 was crafted to describe key aspects of the current workforce and to provide USGS managers and supervisors with strategies and tools to attract, develop, retain, and manage a workforce with the right skill sets and capabilities to accomplish the bureau’s mission within a complex and changing operational environment.

The bureau workforce plan will be used in the same way a strategic plan is used to articulate the vision, mission, and goals for an organization. The goals outline more specific objectives for the organization to meet in order to advance the vision and mission. The document will be used internally to guide and coordinate bureau level actions and externally to educate others about the workforce.

Workforce planning within the USGS occurs at several levels. At the finest scale, science centers and offices develop specific workforce plans that guide local hiring decisions. Such local workforce plans have long been an integral part of USGS operations. Starting in 2012, the USGS also began working through a broader-level three-phased workforce planning effort. The first phase started with the mission area offices and science support offices in headquarters. The second phase, conducted in 2013, focused on regional workforce planning. The third phase resulted in the development of this USGS workforce plan (PDF).

The scope of this USGS workforce plan includes an overview of the current workforce, projections for future needs, perceived gaps, and strategies to begin addressing the gaps. The action plan section includes tasks that should be initiated or completed in the next two years to address the specific gaps and strategies described, with the goal of setting the stage for significant workforce outcomes over the next 3 to 5 years.

Some of the latest results of the USGS Workforce Plan 2015-2020 are featured on the 2015-2020 Workforce Plan Results page.


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