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Chronology of recent volcanic activity on the Island of Hawai‘i, Hawaii

January 10, 2024

The youngest and largest island in the State of Hawaii—the Island of Hawai‘i—is formed by five volcanoes, three of which have erupted within recent geologic history: Mauna Loa, Kīlauea, and Hualālai. This data release provides a chronology for activity and impacts at Mauna Loa, Kīlauea, and Hualālai over approximately the past two and a half centuries. This data release includes a word document, “HI_volcanoes_chronology_description,” that describes the data compilation process and provides simple summary tables of eruptive activity and maps. A CSV file contains the compiled eruption chronology data for all volcanoes—"HI_volcanoes_chronology_data”—references for which are provided in a separate CSV file titled “HI_volcanoes_chronology_references.” Additionally, a formatted excel file contains sheets with both the eruption chronology data and references (that are contained in the csv tables). Users are encouraged to reference the original sources of information in the tables presented here. These data are subject to revision as additional documentation is discovered, as more interpretive work on recent volcanic events is undertaken, or as additional eruptive activity occurs. At the time of publication of version one of this data release in January 2024, Hualālai erupted most recently in 1801, Kīlauea erupted most recently in September 2023 at the summit, and Mauna Loa most recently erupted in 2022.

Publication Year 2024
Title Chronology of recent volcanic activity on the Island of Hawai‘i, Hawaii
DOI 10.5066/P9V3NQYB
Authors Katherine M Mulliken, James P Kauahikaua, Donald Swanson, Michael H Zoeller
Product Type Data Release
Record Source USGS Digital Object Identifier Catalog
USGS Organization USGS Volcano Science Center