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So, You Want to Host CoreCast?

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It's our first anniversary, so to celebrate, we're letting our listeners do the talking—literally. Listen to this episode and enter the ‘Be a CoreCast Host for a Day’ contest!




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Dave Hebert

Hey, everybody, this is Dave Hebert from the USGS CoreCast team.

So this month-August-marks the one-year anniversary of CoreCast, and, to be honest, we've really been celebrating how good we've gotten at this very difficult podcasting thing. For example, witness the skills in this bit from one of our latest episodes:

Jenn LaVista: "Thank you for listening to a USGS CoreCast. For co-tr ... bleh.

Well, that's not really what I was going for, but, I mean, not just anybody can stroll into the studio and do this. We're basically trained professionals at this point. For instance, check out this clip:

Scott Horvath: We'll be speaking with Rick Kearney [pronounces it Ker-nee] ... let me try that again.

Rick: Kearney [pronounces it Kar-nee].

Scott: Kearney. Kearney. And you are, in fact, a biologist, correct?

Rick: Mm-hm.

Well, of course there's a hiccup every now and then-we're only human, after all, despite how easy we make this very hard process look. Take this little gem, for example:

[high-pitched buzzing noise] Dave Hebert: All right ... I'm, I'm ... just so you know, I'm occasionally getting some very strange feedback.

Fine, we've still got a lot to learn, but we'd like to see YOU do it.

No, seriously, we would—in fact, we think you CAN do it. I mean, you heard those clips.

So to celebrate our anniversary and our wonderful listeners, we are holding our first-ever Be a CoreCast Host for a Day Contest.

That's right—YOU, faithful listener, have a chance to host your very own episode of CoreCast.

The randomly chosen and lucky winner will get to interview a scientist or talk about cool science topics, and say "um" and "uh" and "Can we do that again?" to their heart's content on an actual episode of CoreCast. We'll edit out those bad parts, by the way.

If you think you've got what it takes, just send your name and e-mail address to


The contest ends Friday, September 26, 2008, so send us an e-mail already. And good luck.

CoreCast is a product of the U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior. Thank you so much for being a listener.

Personal information will be collected only for the purpose of choosing a winner. If you're under 18, get your parents' permission. USGS employees and their immediate families are not eligible.

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