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Bird Banding Notes Vol. 4 No. 3, August 1950

Detailed Description

Prior to Memo to All Banders, the Bird Banding Laboratory utilized Bird Banding Notes to communicate with banders between 1992 and 1966, issuing a total of 6 volumes. Vol. 4 No. 3 of the Bird Banding Notes was released in August 1950. Subjects in this note are 1. The banding program; 2. Publication rights to banding data in central files; 3. A few reminders; 4. If entering military service, turn in bands, records, and permit; 5. Carelessness is costing us many good records; 6. Are all returns being reported to the banding office; 7. Significant repeat records; 8. Retraps of birds from nearby stations; 9. Return cards (form 3-137); 10. Report of recovery of bird band (form 3-1807); 11. Pigeon bands – George C. Bailey; 12. Request for bird-banding sullies (form 3-644); 13. Posters for banding station (form 3-1155); 14. Bands; 15. Permits; and 16. Tabulation of banding reported each banding year 1942 to 1949.


Public Domain.