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Fieldwork in California’s Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta

Detailed Description

Top row, left to right: Cordell Johnson (left) and Evan Dailey use the USGS R/V Fast Eddy to collect water samples. Cordell Johnson (left) and Jessie Lacy prepare to deploy a tripod holding instruments to measure water level, currents, and suspended sediment. USGS divers Jenny McKee (left) and Tim Elfers assemble the gear they will need to measure vegetation density in Middle River. Bottom row, left to right: Tim Elfers (left) and Jenny McKee mark locations for vegetation-density measurements in Middle River. Brazilian waterweed clings to an instrument package that Cordell Johnson is pulling onto the R/V Parke Snavely after the instruments recorded data for about two weeks in Lindsey Slough. Top center photo credit: John Koster, USGS; all others by Jessie Lacy, USGS. 


Public Domain.