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USGS MRCTI Disaster Prediction & Assessment Portal American Queen Gage

Detailed Description

Screen capture of the USGS mobile nutrient gage located on the American Queen Steamboat and is part of a larger Mississippi River Cities and Towns (MRCTI) Disaster Prediction Portal supported by the USGS, Geospatial Information Response Team. The nutrient gage is the first USGS gage to be located on a commercial vessel and is a partnership between the USGS, the American Queen Steamboat Company and the MRCTI. The gage collects important information such as water temperature, ph levels, dissolved oxygen, nitrates, and other nutrient readings as the vessel moves up and down the Mississippi River. The MRCTI Disaster Prediction Portal is maintained by the GIRT as part of a much larger cooperative between the USGS Mid-Continent Region and the MRCTI.


Public Domain.