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NHD Missing Geometric Network and NHDFlow Table Information

June 9, 2021

// RESOLVED // Update 6/21/2021: This issue has been resolved. USGS has replaced the HU4 and HU8 NHD downloadable datasets produced in June 2021 that were missing geometric network and did not have the NHDFlow table populated. The corrected datasets all contain the geometric network and the NHDFlow table is populated.

Please report any further issues to

Original Issue (6/9/2021)

USGS has discovered that the HU4 and HU8 NHD downloadable datasets are missing the geometric network and the NHDFlow table is not populated.

All datasets produced in June, 2021 are affected. Users with access to ArcGIS 10.7.1 can build the geometric network manually and populate the NHDFlow table using the standalone NHD Utilities Network Builder and Build Flow utilities available at the NHD Utilities Tool section of the NHD Tools page

We continue to research and assess solutions as we work toward resolving this issue. 

If you need assistance to create a geometric network or flow table, please contact



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