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USGS Emeritus Program Reviews

The USGS Emeritus Program receives periodic reviews that evaluate the status of the program and make recommendations for improvement.

Scientist Emeritus Program Review 2006

In October 2005, the USGS acting Associate Director for Geology, Linda Gundersen, established a committee to review and recommend improvements to the Scientist Emeritus Program within the Geologic Discipline. She specifically requested that this committee 1) document and assess the contributions and costs to the USGS of the SE Program, 2) assess the strengths and weaknesses of the program, 3) evaluate the current policy document and recommend changes, if warranted, and 4) discuss broadly with the retirement-eligible workforce and scientist emeriti (SE) the current policies and guidelines.

The Scientist Emeritus committee consisted of seven people (two from each region and one from headquarters) with additional assistance as needed from a Human Resources and an Ethics representative:

Betty Adrian – Associate Chief Scientist (GD) and Chair of committee

Mary Jo Baedecker – External Research Scientist Emeritus (WRD)

David Brew – Scientist Emeritus (GD)

Laurel Bybell – Associate Program Coordinator (GD)

Karl Kellogg – Research Scientist (GD)

Art Schultz – Chief Scientist (GD)

Tom Suchanek – External Manager/Research Scientist (BRD)

Nancy Baumgartner – Ethics Counselor

Bill Creach – Human Resources liaison

2006 Executive Summary

2006 Scientist Emeritus Program Review


Scientist Emeritus Program Review 2015

In 2015, at the request of Center Director Randy Orndorff and the Director of OSQI, Alan Thornhill, a small group of Scientists Emeriti (Laurel Bybell, Linda Gundersen, and Jack Epstein), assisted by Steve Gillespi and Debbie Colley, reviewed the current status of the Scientist Emeritus Program, modeled cost and return on investment, and reviewed issues of funding, space, publishing, and resource access. Two surveys were administered in the spring and summer of 2015: the Scientist Emeritus Opinion Survey sent to Scientists Emeriti (79% response rate) and the Scientist Emeritus Program Evaluation sent to current supervisors of Scientists Emeriti (90% response rate). 

2015 Executive Summary

2015 Scientist Emeritus Report Summary

2015 Scientist Emeritus Managers' Report Summary