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Consulting Services

The Science Data Management Team consults with researchers, data managers, and information technologists to improve USGS data management at the project planning stage and throughout the science data lifecycle.

Below are examples of how the SDM Team has assisted USGS projects: 


Bison migrating out of the Gardiner Basin
Bison migrating out of the Gardiner Basin, Yellowstone National Park

Plan for a complex data release 

The SDM Team worked with the Cooperative Research Units to plan their annual Ungulate Migrations of the Western United States data release. This data release includes a large collection of datasets compiled from disparate organizations with different distribution requests. The SDM Team helped the authors navigate bulk metadata updates, citation development, and programmatic data uploads. 


Work with SDM application programming interfaces (APIs) 

The SDM Team helped the Digital Services Team get up and running with the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) Tool API (now Asset Identifier Service (AIS)) to support harvesting USGS data and software releases for the USGS Website.


Move and release large data files 

The SDM Team, in collaboration with the Advanced Research Computing Team, helped researchers from the Earth Resources and Observation Science Center (EROS) use Globus to release a 400+ GB file for their Topobathymetric Model of the Northern Gulf of Mexico, 1885 to 2021 data release


Establish a dynamic data release workflow 

The SDM Team collaborated with the Arizona Water Science Center to release the first dynamic data release in ScienceBase.


Learn more about advanced use of ScienceBase

The SDM Team works directly with USGS PIs and research teams to develop strategies for using ScienceBase to support scientific needs. This can include programmatic methods for working with data and information in the system, strategies for labeling content and supporting granular queries for specific use, and using ScienceBase to power external applications (e.g., Climate Adaptation Science Centers Project Explorer). If you are a USGS researcher interested in advanced use of the system or seeking information on developing a workflow that may benefit from API-accessible data, please contact our team ( 


Attend training

Each quarter, the ScienceBase Data Release team hosts training events related to USGS data release, focusing on using ScienceBase as a trusted digital repository. Sign up for the ScienceBase mailing list to be notified when these events occur.


Is your USGS project or science center experiencing data management challenges? 

Contact to see how we can help.