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Jeremy K Wise

Research Duties and Responsibilities

♦ Coordination of laboratory and field research studies exploring the efficacy of a variety of physical and chemical tools to be used to control invasive dreissenid mussels.

♦ Explore non-target effects of invasive species control methods and tactics listed above.


Ø  Adept at preparing biological and water samples for analysis, obtaining biological, botany, fisheries and wildlife data from laboratory, mesocosm and field studies, and examining field collections of biological materials.

Ø  Works effectively with peers and senior scientists at a high level of efficiency, both independently and in a group setting.

Ø  Able to work with multiple partner groups, stakeholders, and management entities in interdisciplinary projects and settings

Ø  Proficient in maintaining accurate records of samples and data collected according to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Good Laboratory Practices.

Ø   Expertise in supporting sophisticated laboratory and field research studies furthering the development of chemical and physical tools to control populations of aquatic invasive species.

Ø  Background and training in operating and maintaining marine and terrestrial research vessels and automated wastewater chlorination systems.   Extensive experience operating government vehicles requiring CDL to tow long and heavy trailers.

Ø  Responsible for aquatic invasive species in bio-secure recirculating aquaculture facility.

Ø  Skilled at tabulating, summarizing, graphing, analyzing, and reporting sample data.