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Phillipe A Wernette

Mendenhall Fellow at the USGS Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center


My research seeks to understand how geomorphology and processes across multiple spatial and temporal combine to drive change in a variety of environments, including, but not limited to, coastal cliffs, bluffs, beach-dune systems, and landslides. Ultimately, my work involves utilizing existing data and information in combination with emerging technologies to develop more accurate and comprehensive models of landscape and environmental evolution. I utilize techniques and concepts spanning physical geography and geomorphology, geographic information science (GIS), remote sensing (including structure-from-motion, LiDAR, and hyperspectral imagery), geophysics (GPR, ERT, and seismic), and machine learning. Broadly speaking, my two main research foci are: (1) understanding and modelling the suite of different factors affecting coastal evolution, and (2) developing comprehensive analytical techniques that include quantifying and propagating error in geospatial and temporal analyses. I believe that research should be collaborative and multidisciplinary and will strive to engage with a diverse group of stakeholders and researchers worldwide.

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