Banding Rehabilitated Birds

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 A bander must obtain authorization from the Bird Banding Laboratory (BBL) before they start banding rehabilitated birds.

Requests for this authorization should include the following information:

  • Master bander’s name, permit number and all sub-permits requiring this authorization.
  • The species and/or species groups.
  • A summary of the bander’s experience with the identification, ageing, and sexing of the species or species groups to be banded. The bander does not have to demonstrate knowledge of capture techniques because the birds are already in captivity at the time of banding. However, for raptors or other species that require specialized bands, the bander must have experience with the appropriate banding protocols.
  • Project proposal(s) to justify these activities. Banding rehabilitated birds simply to “track their movements” by using metal bands is not sufficient justification to obtain this authorization. The proposed project(s) should have scientific or conservation goals that can be achieved through the banding and/or marking of these rehabilitated birds.

When submitting data on banded rehabilitated birds, the banding location reported to the BBL should be the location where the bird is released into the wild. The bander should also provide a description of the location where each individual bird was discovered as a comment in the “Remarks” data field. The rehabilitation facility should not be used as the banding location unless the birds are returned to the wild at that site.

Please allow 2 months lead time to process your request.

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