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Master banding permits are normally renewed for a 3-year period although shorter renewal cycles may be required at the discretion of the BBL. Ninety days before the banding permit will expire, the BBL will automatically send via email a renewal notification to the master bander. If the banding permit is not renewed, then another renewal notification will be sent by email 30 days before the permit expires. If the banding permit has not been renewed upon expiration, it will become inactive and the master bander will be notified by email of this action. Because these important notifications are sent by email, banders should always notify the BBL of any change in their email address.

Several requirements must be met before a master banding permit can be renewed. All delinquent data records that exist at the time of the 90-day renewal notice must be resolved. These delinquent data records are identified in the renewal notice. Failure to resolve these delinquent data records will cause the permit to become inactive upon expiration until these records are resolved. Additionally, bird banders should be current with their data submission responsibilities. If a bander has not submitted any banding data during the previous 3 years, then the BBL will suggest the inactivation of the master permit because of inactivity. A bander can appeal this inactivation but must provide justification for future banding activities that will require the renewal of the permit.

If you have any questions about the permit renewal process, please contact Rose DeComo in the BBL permits office at 301-497-5944 or

To renew your master banding permit, please complete the online permit renewal form.


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