EROS CalVal Center of Excellence (ECCOE)

JACIE 2007 Presentations



    Welcome: Gregory Stensaas


    Presentation Abstracts


    Keynote: USGS Land Remote Sensing Program Coordinator – Ray Byrnes


Future of Remote Sensing Session - Greg Stensaas

  • Satellite data for JACIE program planning – Mitretec –  William Stoney
  • Use of Commercial Imagery in Microsoft® Virtual Earth™ - Rob Roy – Microsoft
  • NOAA International Remote Sensing Study 2005-2016 –  Dr. Shawana Johnson – Global Marketing


Government Overview Session - Tom Stanley

  • NASA  -  USGS – Ed Grigsby and Ray Byrnes
  • NGA - Doug McGovern
  • USDA - Glenn Bethel
  • NOAA - Stephen White


Industry Overview Session - Tom Stanley

  • DigitalGlobe - Brett Thomasie, Director Civil Government Programs
  • GeoEye Overview, Operations and Capabilities of GeoEye-1 - William Schuster – COO GeoEye
  • Indian Remote Sensing Satellite Constellation - Present and Future - Timothy Puckorius – CEO EOTec
  • CBERS Program: a Reference in the Brazilian Space Program  - Antonio Silva – INPE


Poster Session / Reception

  • An Overview of USGS CRSSP Implementation –Benson
  • Optimizing Resourcesat-1 AWiFS Acquisitions – Godfrey  
  • A Question of Scale: Multiple Comparisons of Landsat. AWIFS, DMS and QuickBird – Coan
  • Commercial Remote Sensing Data Contracts – Duncan
  • Stennis Space Center Verification and Validation Capabilities – Pagnutti, Ryan, Holekamp, O'Neal, Knowlton, Ross, Blonski, Stanley
  • How the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service Monitors Crop Conditions in Morocco – Purcell
  • All Source Solution Decision Support Products Created for Stennis Space Center in Response to Hurricane Katrina – Ross, Graham
  • Vegetation Change in and Around Stennis Space Center : Katrina and Beyond – Ross
  • Hurricane Katrina Inundation Effects at Stennis Space Center – Graham, Ross
  • MS³: a Solution for Satellite Remote Sensing Ground Stations, Gisplan Tecnologia – Santos, Liporace, Silva
  • A Simplified Approach to Radiometric Vicarious Calibration – Ryan
  • USGS Commitment to Commercial Remote Sensing - USGS




Industry Overview Session (cont) - Mary Pagnutti

  • SPOT Image Land Remote Sensing System Overview - Steve Miller - SPOT Image Corporation
  • EROS B Satellite Products and Services  - Rani Hellerman – ImageSat
  • KOMPSAT-2 Introduction - Roger Kim - KAI image, Inc.
  • DMC: Advances in the Small Satellite Constellation Imaging Capability - Paul Stephens – DMCii
  • The New DEIMOS Medium Resolution Satellite Jose-Luis Casanova, Pedro Duque - U of Valladolid
  • RapidEye – A Novel Approach to Space Borne Geo-Information Solutions - F. Jung-Rothenhaeusler – RapidEye


Medium Resolution Imagery Session - Robert Tetrault

  • Resourcesat-1 AWiFS Data at the USDA - Robert Tetrault - USDA/FAS
  • Evaluation of Resourcesat-1 LISS-III vs. AWiFS Imagery for Mapping Croplands - David M. Johnson – USDA
  • Evaluation of AWiFS Classifiers for Crop Acreage Estimation - Michael Craig – USDA
  • AWiFS Imagery: Processing and Automated Feature Extraction - Dmitry Varlyguin, Stephanie Hulina, Luke Roth – GDA
  • A Question of Scale: Multiple Comparisons of Landsat, AWiFS, DMC and QuickBird - Michael Coan - SAIC/USGS/EROS
  • Cross Calibration of the L7 ETM+ and L5 TM with the Resourcesat-1(IRS-P6) AWiFS and LISS-III Sensors – Gyanesh Chander - SAIC/USGS/EROS
  • Radiometric Calibration of AWiFS Using Vicarious Calibration Technique - Mary Pagnutti, Kara Holekamp – SSAI / NASA SSC
  • SSC Geopositional Assessment of AWiFS Orthorectified Product - Kenton Ross, Ruby Stubbs – SSAI / NASA SSC
  • Geometric Characterization of DMC - Gyanesh Chander - SAIC/USGS/EROS
  • Analysis of Radiometry and Data Quality of DMC Satellite Systems - Stephen Mackin, Gary Crowley, Paul Stephens, Dave Hodgson – DMC




Medium/High Resolution Imagery Session - Terry Lehman

  • NVision Rapid Image Processing and Distribution System for Satellite Data Commercialization in Vertical Industries - Joel Lawhead, Craig Harvey – NVision
  • A System for Visualization, Evaluation, Analysis and Quality Simulation of Satellite Images - Marcelo Fontenele S. Santos, Frederico dos Santos Liporace, Antonio Machado e Silva – Gisplan
  • Using Reflectance Based Calibration Technique for High/Medium Resolution Sensors - David Aaron, Larry Leigh, Dennis Helder – SDSU
  • Earth Observations to Assess Impact of Hurricane Katrina on John C. Stennis Space Center - Bill Graham - NASA


High Resolution Imagery Session - Terry Lehman

  • Use of High Resolution Orthoimage Data for European Union Agricultural Policy Implementation - Dimitrios Kapnias, Simon Kay, Pavel Milenov, Pär Åstrand - IPSC
  • Evaluation of Digital Surface Models Generated from High-Res Satellite Imagery - Chunsun Zhang, Joanne Poon, Armin Gruen – SDSU
  • QuickBird-2: Geolocation Statistics from 2005 and 2006, Showing the Transition to adp40 - Dr. Bryon Smiley – DigitalGlobe
  • System Characterization Results for the QuickBird Sensor - Kara Holekamp, Kenton Ross, Slawomir Blonski – SSAI / NASA SSC
  • IKONOS Performance and Technical Update - Martin Taylor – GeoEye
  • Case Study of IKONOS & OV-3 Stereo Photogrammetry in Support of Aircraft Arrival Procedures – Enhancing Capacity, Safety and Reducing Fuel costs - Dejan Damjanovic – GeoEye


Aerial Imagery Session - Jon Christopherson

  • National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP) – Shirley Hall – USDA
  • Imagery for the Nation - William Burgess – NSGIC
  • Airborne Ortho-Mapping for Rapid Response – Eric Liberty – APPLANIX
  • Geometric Calibration of the Buckeye - Mitchell Pierson, Donald Moe - US Army Corp and SAIC/USGS/EROS
  • Mapping Underwater Benthic Habitats From ADS40 Digital Airborne Imagery Using Semi-Automated Methods - Chad Lopez– EarthData International
  • Medium-format Digital Cameras, a Study into the Calibration, Stability Analysis and Integration with High-Res Satellite Imagery - Ayman Habib, Anna Jarvis, Gregory Stensaas - Geomatics Engineering/USGS