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Landsat Science Team Meeting - January 12-14, 2016

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Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, Virginia
January 12-14, 2016


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Meeting Objectives:

  1. Understand what the priorities and approaches are to improve the global Landsat/moderate resolution record
  2. Review the status of Landsat 7-8 and the Landsat archive
  3. Review Virginia Tech remote sensing activities

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

  • Introductions and Meeting Objectives (Tom Loveland, Jim Irons, Randy Wynne)
  • USGS and NASA HQ Perspectives (Virginia Burkett, Tim Newman, David Jarrett)
  • Landsat Product Improvements, Collection Concepts
    • Status of Product Improvement Plans/Collection Concepts (Brian Sauer)
    • Landsat Land Surface Temperature: Global validation (John Schott)
  • Landsat Surface Reflectance: Improving Consistency
    • The case for improving consistency of surface reflectance (Curtis Woodcock)
    • Current status of Landsat 8 surface reflectance algorithm (Belen Franch for Eric Vermote)
    • LST member presentations on Landsat SR strengths, weaknesses
      • Landsat/MODIS fusion for ET modeling (Feng Gao)
      • USGS surface reflectance product status (John Dwyer)
  • Landsat Analysis Ready Data
    • The case for analysis ready data (Curtis Woodcock)
    • WELD experiences (David Roy)
    • USGS definitions, plans (John Dwyer, Brian Sauer)
    • Moving toward land change products (Mike Wulder)

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

  • Sentinel-2 and Landsat
    • ESA review of Sentinel-2 status: acquisitions, products, access (Bianca  Hoersch)
    • Setinel-2 Data Quality Activities Status (Ferran Gascon)
    • NASA experiences in Sentinel-2 evaluations (Jeff Masek)
    • Prototyping a Landsat 8 Sentinel-2 global burned area product (David Roy)
    • Sentinel-2 On-Orbit Geometric Analysis and Harmonization Plans (Jim Storey)
    • Sentinel-2 On-Orbit Radiometry Analysis and Observations (Brian Markham)
    • Landsat 8 Albedo Processing Applied to Sentinel-2A (Crystal Schaaf)
    • USGS Sentinel-2 access plans (John Dwyer)
  • Introduction of Jennifer Gimbel, Assistant Secretary for Water and Science, Department of the Interior
  • USGS/NASA 2012-2017 Landsat Science Team Member Introductions (1 slide intros)
  • Landsat 9 Status (Del Jenstrom, Jim Nelson)
  • Sustainable Land Imaging and Landsat 10 (David Jarrett, Tim Newman, others)
  • Landsat Status Summary (Landsat 7-8, Acquisition Topics, Archive, LGAC) (Brian Sauer)
  • Landsat 7 and 8 Long Term Acquisition Plan (Gene Fosnight)

Thursday, January 14, 2016

  • Virginia Tech Remote Sensing Activities (Randy Wynne and team)
  • Landsat MSS: Using the Full Landsat Record
    • The case for improving the MSS record (Warren Cohen)
    • LST member MSS presentations (Dennis Helder, others TBD)
    • USGS MSS development activities (Ron Morfitt)
    • MSS Orthorectification (Yongwei Sheng)
    • Plea for MSS Data: A boreal forest perspective (Doug Bolton)
  • Discussion of Landsat and Moderate Resolution Priorities
  • Landsat 8 TIRS Status
    • Stray Light Corrections (Matt Montanaro and Adam Gerace)
    • Landsat 8 TIRS Side-B Encoder (Jim Storey)
  • Wrap-up discussion