Requirements Capabilities & Analysis for Earth Observations


RCA-EO provides analytical tools and results enabling informed decision making by leaders at all levels.

RCA-EO analysis capabilities are being designed to help guide management decisions by those who manage or develop EO systems, products, and services, and to users of these same products and services. From a national perspective, RCA-EO analyses will provide a better understanding of Earth observing systems and their benefits to society, and can inform the development of more responsive and cost-effective Earth observing systems.

USGS Analysis Goals

  • Select requirements and the EO capabilities which can meet or partially meet those requirements
  • Identify the best capability to meet a requirement with a measure of how much better the best capability is than other capabilities
  • Compare requirements and capabilities to identify applicable EO system solutions and/or technology gaps
  • Analyze value tree information to identify how EO systems are supporting Federal needs
  • Support the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) in developing USGEO Earth Observation Assessments to inform the National Plan for Civil Earth Observations
  • Support the triennial Earth Observation Assessment prescribed by the National Strategy for Civil Earth Observations.

Initial analysis capabilities will be available in late 2015 and will be used to help the USGS shape its products and service offerings.

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