Requirements Capabilities & Analysis for Earth Observations

EORES Release 6.7.0 User Release Notes

Feature Additions

  • Added all unused EOR or EOS attribute levels when clicking on green “plus” sign in the respective edit mode
    • All attribute levels are included when adding an attribute to either EOR or EOS
  • New functionality addresses deleting a key date during the same session it was added
    • When an end user selects the “plus” to add a key date and then immediately selects the “X” to remove it (i.e. before saving), the crossed-out date does not trip any validation errors
  • Surveyed Product information pop-ups were added in the EOR Strategic Value Tree browse mode
    • When browsing EOR by a strategic value tree and the end user reaches the blue product accordions, an information icon is on the product accordion which will pop up the product's description and a “Go To” button to open a new browser tab for navigation to the product
  • "Hide empty groups" was added to a given session
    • The "Hide Empty Groups" setting is remembered for the various EOR/EOS/VTI browse modes until the end user logs out of the EORES Application
  • CONUS+Canada has been added to the USGS Production environment for Geographic Coverage options.

Feature Modifications

  • The Value Tree name status is used to only show active value trees in menus
    • End users are now alerted if they attempt to navigate to an archived value tree
    • End users are alerted if they attempt to navigate to a value tree using an id that does not exist
    • These changes apply to VTI Browse and Edit, go to links pointing to invalid trees, and EOR strategic value tree browse.
  • The cost source field display was widened
    • More space is provided for the EOS Cost Source field in display mode.
  • Cost data needed to include zeros after decimal entries
    • The cost field allows typing a “0” to the right after the decimal.
    • Note:  extremely small values display in scientific “E” notation (0.0000000001 will display as 1e-10)
  • Extraneous and/or obsolete attribute elements needed to be removed
    • Bogus GEOGRAPHIC COVERAGE DATA and GEOGRAPHIC COVERAGE DESCRIPTION are no longer defined as elements in EOS Geographic Coverage attributes.  There is only a single picklist for the coverage.
  • Hierarchies in a filter are collapsed after a filter is applied
    • After an end user selects one of the filter hierarchies (e.g. POH) and executes the filtering, the re-loaded page does not have the hierarchy expanded to the selection
  • Parent checkbox selections are re-initialized within the organization and GCMD tree levels.
    • When end users use a top-level checkbox in the POH or GCMD filtering widgets to check everything below that given level and the filter is run, the reloaded widgets will have these checkboxes checked again.
  • Import-required fields for exporting an (empty) EOR import spreadsheet are always included
    • When downloading an EOR Import Spreadsheet template, the required columns are not de-selectable
    • The Confidence Level is now optional for the template and for the EOR maintenance form.
  • Upload file maximum file size increased from 2MB to 12MB.

Bug Fixes

  • All tree expansion widget folder icons expand the tree hierarchy
    • The EOR filter, EOR Browse/Edit, Strategic Value Tree Connections and GCMD hierarchies, EOS browse/display, the POH and GCMD hierarchies, EOS edit, and VTI product editing provide for correct expansion
  • The unit’s column in the EOR spectral requirements web service was not needed
    • The unit’s column has been removed
  • When entering POH information, the option to enter 'NA' was removed.  Also, the POH input was changed to the email type.
    • End users can no longer submit the form unless a properly formatted email address is entered.
  • When entering POH information, POH alignment for existing POCs will no longer be wiped out.
  • When the goal level checkbox is checked, the correct ID is used in the filtering.
    • Note:  EOR cannot be aligned to the goals.
  • The Sea Ice GCMD Term under Cryosphere is being properly output in the Web Services.
  • Dynamic SQL was reviewed.  A SQL challenge identified during testing was addressed where single quotes are now saved without error (e.g. "Merideth's notes" will save with the apostrophe).

Web Services Impacts

  • None

Compatibility may be impacted

  • None