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Landsat In Action

The Landsat Program provides over 40 years of calibrated medium spatial resolution data in support of a range of applications in areas such as global change research, agriculture, forestry, geology, land cover mapping, resource management, and water and coastal studies. 

This page contains examples of regional and global Landsat data applications that can assist policy makers and land managers in making informative decisions about our environment and Earth's natural resources.


The glacier positions on this NPS map of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, Alaska, were updated based on recent Landsat images.

National Park Service Cartographer Tom Patterson Talks Landsat






Corn and Soybean Map Using Landsat

Satellites, supercomputers, and machine learning provide real-time crop type data







Screenshot of the Satellite Forest Monitoring in Canada interface

Landsat Data Valuable in the Assessment of Forest Change in Canada










Google Earth Engine’s Timelapse Viewer

Google Powers Platform for Earth Science Data and Analysis








Composited Tasseled Cap brightness, greenness, and wetness image of the Bale Mountains, Ethiopia

LandsatLinkr - Harmonizing the Landsat Archive











Geospatial Data Analysis in-season crop type map for the United States

Landsat Provides Near Real-Time Global Agricultural Analysis






Brown Marsh in Southeast Louisiana

Landsat Maps Global Surface Water and its Long-Term Changes










Image: Sheridan Glacier from the Air

Landsat 8 Tracks the Velocity of Glaciers and Ice Sheets in Near Real-Time
















Global Forest Watch Interface screenshot

Monitoring the World's Forests