Episode 61 (Peace Day) flow: January 12, 2012

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Map showing lava flows erupted during Kīlauea’s ongoing east rift zone eruption and labeled with the years in which they were active.


Episode 61 (Peace Day) flow: January 12, 2012...

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Episodes 1–48b (1983–1986) are shown in dark gray; episodes 48c–49 (1986–1992) are pale yellow; episodes 50–53 and 55 (1992–2007) are tan; episode 58 (2007–2011) is pale orange; the episode 59 Kamoamoa eruption (March 2011) is at lower left in light reddish orange; and the episode 60 Pu‘u ‘Ō‘ō overflows and flank breakout (Mar–August 2011) is orange. The currently active Peace Day flow (episode 61) is shown as the two shades of red—pink is the extent of the flow from September 21 to December 27, and bright red marks flow expansion from December 27 to January 12. The yellow line is the active lava tube, and the red dots mark the locations of breakout points for recent breakouts along the tube.