3DEP Federal Best Practices

3DEP Federal Best Practices 3DEP Federal Best Practices

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3DEP Federal Best Practices

  • Sign 3DEP governance memorandum of understanding (when available)
  • Assign agency representatives to 3DEP Executive Forum and Working Group
  • Acquire data through the 3DEP data acquisition process and participate in the 3DEP Multiyear Planning process
  • Implement an agency policy to work within the Unified Federal 3DEP plan for data acquisition and sharing
  • Coordinate internally to link regional/field offices into 3DEP and data acquisition process
  • Provide input and support to improve the acquisition process
  • When datasets are acquired outside of the 3DEP process, ensure that data meet the 3DEP specification, are publicly shareable (unlicensed) and are contributed for ingestion into national holdings
  • Participate in 3DEP Budget Initiatives and establish a 3DEP budget line item
  • Report 3DEP investments to Budget Cross Cut (participating 9 agencies)
  • Promote 3DEP to agency constituents to participate in or support the national 3DEP effort
  • Participate in assessments and adoption of new technologies to advance national 3DEP goals
  • Encourage or require that Federal grant monies used for elevation data acquisition result in the data being collected to 3DEP standards and contributed to the national holdings
  • Participate in the 3D Nation study to document needs and benefits for developing the next generation of 3DEP


Successful implementation of the 3D Elevation Program (3DEP) depends on the development and adoption of a unified Federal approach to acquiring data.  The purpose of this document is to outline several best practices to aid the Federal 3DEP community in reaching a higher level of coordinated implementation, maximize Federal data investments, and to reduce the number of years it will take to complete national coverage.  The best practices are provided to Federal agencies as a check list to assess the level of their participation and to inspire further adoption of Federal enterprise practices that will advance joint 3DEP coverage goals for the benefit of their missions and the Nation as a whole.  It is anticipated that additional best practices will be defined and added as the effort matures. 


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