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Bandit 4.0 Excel Data Entry Template (Bandings)

Detailed Description

The template is created for adding 1000 records. If you need to add more records please contact the Bandit help desk or do your data in batches of 1000 records at a time.

2. Columns that are gray are locked from editing. By selecting from the “description” fields beside them the Bandit/BBL code is automatically populated in the adjacent gray cell.

3. The column headers were created to match the Bandit field names. When you import the data into Bandit, if you select Matching Names in the field mapping screen, the fields that need to be imported should all line up. There will be several fields from the excel file that do not and should not have a target field, such as the “description” fields.

4. The Location field should be only the Bandit ID you’ve entered for the location.

5. When you enter a band number in the banding or recapture data entry worksheets it is automatically populated in the two “Marker” worksheets for bandings and recaptures.

6. If you enter a duplicate band number in the Banding Data Entry sheet the duplicate values will be highlighted in red.

For more on copying marker details, see Chapter 9 of the Bandit User Manual.

8. COPYING AND PASTING DATA FROM OTHER WORKBOOKS - if you copy and paste data from other excel files or databases, the preformatting for a field may be overwritten. Thus, lead 0s may get dropped or invalid values will not get translated to BBL codes. For example, if you have your own values for colors, like L for Lime, these will not get properly translated to the BBL code for that color.

9. Parameters, such as number of allowed characters or values, are not set for most fields. Therefore, it’s possible that if, for example, you use 5 decimal places on bill width, Bandit will truncate or not correctly enter this data into the field on import.


Excel has an unfortunate habit of "remembering" how many records were in a worksheet. Because the template is formatted for adding 1000 records in the Banding and Recapture data entry sheets, it thinks you are importing that many records.  If you use the template to import 100 birds for example, Excel (and consequently Bandit) will still consider 1000 to be the last line of data. So when you import the 100, Bandit will think you are importing 1000 and give you a warning similar to this: “900 records in your file have no disposition code set.  Data for those will not be loaded.” Click Continue to continue with the import.


Public Domain.