Sound Waves, April - May 2016

Sound Waves, April - May 2016

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The stories in the April - May 2016 issue of Sound Waves:

Coral Reefs, El Niño, and Climate Change: An Interview with Lauren Toth

Preparing for El Niño Using Climate Change Forecasts

What a Drag: The Global Impact of Bottom Trawling

USGS Data from 1981-1982 Still Serving the Nation

Shorebird Science? iPlover is the App for That

Examining the Chemistry of Seawater and Coral to Promote the Health of West Maui’s Coral Reefs

Future Fieldwork, June-July 2016

New Video on USGS Investigation of Coral Disease in Hawaiʻi

Shoemaker Awards for “From Icefield to Ocean” and the Coastal and Marine Geology Program Web Site

Community for Data Integration Awards Projects to Woods Hole Science Center Scientists


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