Sound Waves, Aug. - Sept. 2016

Sound Waves, Aug. - Sept. 2016Sound Waves, Aug. - Sept. 2016

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The stories in the Aug. - Sept. 2016 issue of Sound Waves:

Large Deposits of Potentially Producible Gas Hydrate Found in Indian Ocean 

Re-Evaluating the Causes and Hazards of South Carolina Earthquakes

Future Fieldwork, October-November 2016

Duke TIP Summer Programs Visit USGS

USGS scientists Elected as AGU Fellows 

Advanced Model Training for Predicting Coastal Storm Impacts

USGS Research Oceanographer Hosts Visiting Scholars to Collaborate on CFD Modeling of Sand and Oil Agglomerates

Mercury found in birds across western North America

Cape Cod Susceptible to Potential Effects of Sea-Level Rise



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