Sound Waves, Feb. - Mar. 2016

Sound Waves, Feb. - Mar. 2016Sound Waves, Feb. - Mar. 2016

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The stories in the Feb. - Mar. 2016 issue of Sound Waves:

50-Year-Old Mystery Solved: Seafloor Mapping Reveals Cause of 1964 Tsunami that Destroyed Alaskan Village

Local Research with Global Effects: Coastal Scientists Study El Nino in Northern California

Second Phase of Photo and Video Portal Completed

"Atlantic Canyons" Interagency Study Team Receives Excellence Award

USGS Scientist Takes Post with the International Atomic Energy Agency in Monaco

A Childhood Love for Plants Becomes a Career in Wetland Science

New Map Series Shows Physical Characteristics of the Seabed and the Distribution of Geologic Substrates off Boston, Massachusetts


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