Sound Waves, Jan. - Feb. 2014

Sound Waves, Jan. - Feb. 2014Sound Waves, Jan. - Feb. 2014

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The stories in the Jan. - Feb. 2014 issue of Sound Waves:

Decade of Fire Island Research Available to Enhance Understanding of Future Coastal Changes 

Using Scenarios to Improve Resilience to Major Storms 

USGS Deploys Oceanographic Gear Offshore of Fire Island, New York

New Geologic Explanation for the Florida Middle Ground in the Gulf of Mexico

Deep-Sea Corals Record Human Impact on Watershed Quality in the Mississippi River Basin

Nitrate Levels Continue to Increase in the Mississippi River; Signs of Progress in the Illinois River 

USGS Scientist Examines Foraminifera Collected from Remote Clipperton Island 

USGS Plays Leadership Role in 3rd Annual St. Petersburg (Florida) Science Festival, Adding Sneak Peek School Day and Mentoring New Science Festival Initiatives

Deepwater Canyon Study Among Projects Given Prestigious DOI Partners in Conservation Award

Barbara Lidz Retires after Long Career with the USGS in Florida


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