Sound Waves, Jan. - Feb. 2015

Sound Waves, Jan. - Feb. 2015Sound Waves, Jan. - Feb. 2015

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The stories in the Jan. - Feb. 2015 issue of Sound Waves:

Virus Calculated as Culprit Killing Sea Stars

Scientific Portrait of the Largest Dam Removal in U.S. History 

California Seafloor Mapping Program Reaches Milestone

Future Wave and Wind Effects on Pacific Islands—Projections Will Assist Planning for Climate Change

Slowly Swimming Towards Recovery, California’s Sea Otter Numbers Holding Steady

New Research Vessel Arcticus Advancing USGS Fishery Science in the Great Lakes

Five New USGS Oceanographic Datasets Published Online—Uses Include Assessing Coastal Resilience to Storms 

Dive In! Explore Thousands of Coastal and Seafloor Images along U.S. Coasts

Getting Out of Harm’s Way—Evacuation from Tsunamis

USGS Staff Educate Students and the Public at the 2014 St. Petersburg Science Festival in Florida

Tribal GIS Training in the Northeast U.S.

Undamming Washington’s Elwha River—Public Lecture on Largest Dam Removal in U.S. History

Earthquake and Tsunami Geologist Brian Atwater Receives Shoemaker Award for Lifetime Achievement in Communications 

Frozen Heat—New International Report on Methane Hydrates, their Role in Nature, and their Potential as an Energy Resource 


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