Sound Waves, July - Aug. 2012

Sound Waves, July - Aug. 2012Sound Waves, July - Aug. 2012

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The stories in the July - Aug. 2012 issue of Sound Waves:

USGS Scientists Study an Oil-Spill-Mitigation Sand Berm in the Chandeleur Islands, Louisiana 

Collecting Ocean-Circulation and Sediment-Transport Data Offshore of Fire Island, New York

Tenth Triennial Open House in Menlo Park, California

Joint Nuclear Regulatory Commission/U.S. Geological Survey Workshop on Probability of Landslide-Generated Tsunamis

Meeting of Experts on Key Drivers of Central California Coastal Change and Inundation Due to Climate Change

James V. Gardner, 2012 Shepard Medalist for Excellence in Marine Geology 

Team MarFac Completes Century Bicycle Ride


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